G-Defy Shoes From Gravity Defyer

Wow, some of these styles look like there are sperm running on the side…

Tadpoles…they look like tadpoles :wink:

The other shoes have what appears to be a buttocks that is about to be penetrated.

They don’t just look like. Gravity Defyer called this their “Slick Seed of Life Logo,” until they were forced to change it because no retailer wanted to sell sperm shoes.

Sadly, the new logo, while more subtle, also looks designed by a third grader. Maybe a ninth grader now.

I so tempted to buy these, then I watched the “as seen on TV” ad and that helped me not to buy. Thank you Woot. You are a money saver :wink:

I saw these in the SkyMall catalog while flying somewhere. I was intrigued enough to do some research on them when I was next at a computer. The reviews were not favorable. My favorite of the unfavorable reviews however was titled “Gravity Defyer Shoes DO NOT Actually Defy Gravity!” Well damn!

Did you see that animation in the video? Did you SEE how the springy guy in the Gravity Defyer shoes just–whoosh– BURST past that poor sap destroying his body in those Gravity Compliant shoes? Wow! Sold me. In for 184 pair.

Well, maybe I should have read these posts first. I just bought a pair, “Gravity Defyer Men’s NEXTA Shoes - White” for my son. Now I’m having second thoughts. Oh, what the hell my son will be wearing them not me.

Ha Ha Ha!

Exactly. First time I saw these shoes was in SkyMall magazine. Sperm Shoes. Total branding failure.

I just saw these for the first time when they popped up on the site, but we might be on parallel thought planes.

There were in Skymall and maybe still are and their logo was three, I think, of those little sperms together. Whether they’re supposed to be tadpoles, comets, or whatever, I’m surprised no one told him they look like sperm.

You know what the most awesome thing is? The first time I saw this brand of sperm shoes was when I went to a Dr. appointment with my wife… Her doctor was wearing them and it was her OB/GYN checkup for a pregnancy!

Best shoe choice ever. I loved her doctor just for that…

I am ashamed to be the first person to comment on the running form displayed in the video. If you’re running like that, you might as well get a pair of moon boots.

Wife’s an L&D Nurse…I’m thinking Mother’s Day present! (hehehehheh)

I bought this brand a few years ago online, and was excitedly waiting for their arrival. They were too tight in the toe box, and I called to say I wanted to send them back…I was given no special instructions on that, so I did…After I called to ask about refund they told me what I was supposed to have done. They refused to give me a refund, so I gave away over $100.00, and never will again…So, Beware of sizing Woot doesn’t take shoe returns.

The running part of the video is animated. Guess they need a better video designer.

Aww, too bad. Woot cancelled my order for these for some reason. I was really looking forward to pointing out to friends my new “sperm” shoes.

Just some thoughts on my purchase…

I bought a pair of Gravity Defyer Men’s Nexta Shoes during last Woot! Off. Kind of an impulse buy but I’m always in the market for a pair of “comfortable” shoes.

I would consider the Nexta more of a walking shoe rather than a running shoe if for no other reason than I don’t think it would stand up to the rigors of running.

The “trampoline” spring action in the heel is definitely different. The “spring in your step” action is novel at first. Being a person who has suffered injuries to both ankles and knees over my lifetime these shoes don’t provide a stable platform even while walking. You get the feeling you may twist or roll an ankle if the heel pad doesn’t land perfectly.

Using the Perfect-Fit inserts I was able to get a snug, comfortable fit.

Having paid approximately half of the retail price I am OK with my purchase. Anything more, I would not have purchased these shoes.