G-Form Padding

If the centerpiece on the shirt glowed a little, I’d buy it in a heartbeat just so I can feel like Ironman.

…or Ironwoman, in my case.

I ordered the elbow pads.

According to their sizing chart here. I Should be the size XL.

crosses fingers that they fit

edit after a couple of days use:

The XL is a perfect fit for me. WHEW!!!

The elbow pads do not slip or ride up at all, which is a huge plus for me. As far as impact goes, I purposely fell onto concrete, and even though i did feel a bit of the impact, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be in regards to the impact force. A+

I’ve read that most charts fit correctly other than the knee pads, where you should bump up a size.

Does anyone know if the 7inch sleeve would fit an Ipad Mini?

I bought the iPhone 4S X-Protect case last time, it was great protection for the price but it made the power button too hard to push.

I’m in the market for an iPad case, but the generic 10 inch Extreme Edge tablet case has me wondering how in the heck I would access the buttons.

You can wear this over it: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/f2ec/

These things are the best cases ive found for my nexus 7. I bought the g form extreme sleeve when woot first started selling them and its pretty protective. I was in a motorcycle accident with my tablet in this case in my backpack rolled across the pavement about 20 feet and not a scratch on the tablet…Gona pick up the extreme edge as something to leave it in while im using it then use the sleeve while im traveling with it. Just wish they carried the sleeve in black and that they had the extreme portfolio 7 inch as well. Good product and great price on these things compared to reg retail… keep em coming. Now If i could just cover my self in this stuff when i rode ide be set.

I don’t own one of these. Searching the web, I found many positive reviews, and a few seemingly spurious negative reviews. This negative review from Engadget, however, sounds pretty reasonable:

“[The MacBook] was long gone by the time we got around to hitting it with a hammer. What did our final round of abuse prove? Just how little protection the sleeve offered. Each hit resulted in a perfectly clear imprint of the hammer head in the lid of our already mangled laptop. For the occasional, accidental drop or bump the squishy exterior maybe sufficient, but we wouldn’t recommend treating it like an impenetrable force field for your gear.”

Thanks for the feedback. Was seriously on the fence about the black 7" tablet case for my Kindle fire, but not if I’ve got to wrestle with it to charge or use headphones, let alone to turn on.

If someone could verify that it is specifically designed for the KF including access holes for its ports and power button; I’ll buy in a heartbeat.

I got one of the iPhone 5 cases last time and the plastic ‘bread’ of the compression material ‘sandwich’ was warped around a few edges. not enough that it was unusable, but enough that it felt annoying and cheap (the padding is still neat, though - just wish I could bend the shell edges back into shape).

If you have obsessive-compulsive tendencies with your gadgets, just be advised.

Pretty happy with the shirt, although if I had to do it again, I’d get the M instead of the L. Still scratching my head over how this shirt is supposed to be worth $70, though.

Also… no padding on the back?! So every bone is protected except the most important one?

I guess I’m safe if someone decides to hit me in the padded spots over and over…