G-Form Padding

Where is the pneumatic grappling hook to finish my superhero ensemble?

Will the 15" macbook pro retina fit in the black 15" g-form sleeve?

i just want to make sure i dont need the 15.6" sleeve instead.

Is the G-Form line bear-proof? I already have one of these suits


but it’s really difficult to run in.

No brainer to try the 4/4s case out at $9 compared to the $40 the manufacture
sells them for on their site!

Just watched the video. Am I the only one that actually wants to see them wrecking with them? Cool that they can pull off the tricks, but want to see them really screw up, and still be fine.

I advise the 15.6"

TRON comes to mind.

Yes! Especially if they had blue.
(I’m really glad I’m not the only geek who thought of Tron… :-D)

My Netbook (Toshiba Satellite 2010 model) is an 11.6 inch. No dice for me?

Don’t get the 15.6"! The 15.6" fits the 17" MacBook Pro. Link to product page.

G-Form doesn’t advertise their laptop sleeves specifically for MacBooks but their promotional pictures/videos always have MacBooks. The retina MacBook is slightly smaller than the non-retina MacBook so that won’t be a problem.

I love this case and I paid more than double the woot price. It’s definitely bulkier than a neoprene sleeve, but it’s worth it for the protection. I have a thin shell on my 11in Air and it still fits in the sleeve but very snugly. There is a tiny bit of extra room along the zipped edge but the laptop doesn’t seem to shift around at all.

Also, you might want to be careful using this with a non MacBook. All the negative reviews I read when I was looking at buying it were from tests with non-MacBooks. Apparently there is a gap between the two halves of the laptop that lets it slam into inself on impact. At the very least don’t drop it off your balcony for fun.

Just got my yellow 7 inch one in for my Nexus 7 super deal on the price esp.since ive been wanting one of these for a while now they where just so expensive. Fastest thing shipped ive ever bought from woot ever!!! ordered and had it in 3 days i was amazed. It would have been even better if they had the 7 inch in black but o well ill take function over form any day. Fits the nexus 7 nice and tight but not too tight perfect.

I JUST spent $50 each for a pair of knee pads and a pair of elbow pads.

I use them to go skateboarding. They seem to provide decent protection. Someone somewhere described them like this: “If you plan on falling, then you’re probably better off wearing the plastic knee pads, but if are not out doing crazy tricks and just riding where falling is not expected (but it may happen), then these are for you”. Best description I could have ever given.

Anyone have experience using the shinguards for soccer?

I see people use them for BMX biking, but are they any good for motorcycles? They’d be nice for long rides.

I am looking at these for use caving, which involves less high-impact blows and more sustained, long-term pressure on limbs i.e. crawling, climbing. Anyone with firsthand experience know if these perform well for that kind of contact?

There is not enough padding for soccer, plus these will not distribute the blow over an larger area due to the smaller flexible surfaces. Having that flexibility on the elbow makes sense, why they would put it on the shine baffles me. Decent shinguards are $10-$15.

I often find the only reason I look at these sales is to read the alt text
Was worth it today

This won’t be what you’re looking for. The technology behind the material allows it to act a bit like silly putty. With a hard, quick impact, the foam firms up and distributes the force of the blow (grab silly putty and pull quick, it firms up and snaps). With sustained pressure that comes slowly, this will be, more or less, a soft pad (squish putty with your fingers).