G.H. Bass & Co Slip-On Leather Shoes

G.H. Bass & Co Slip-On Leather Shoes

Largest size is 10.5? :stuck_out_tongue:

agree with ktappe
cut off size at 10.5? bummer

10 now, y’all better hurry before they shrink some more.


Only Ballerina sizes??? Sup with that???

that’s why the leftovers are here on woot. popular sizes don’t have any problem selling for full price.

Those look like shoes I would wear. But alas, my feet be not tiny.

cool adult shoes…for children!

I own these shoes. I bought them for a similar price directly from Bass about 6 months ago. I’ve worn them a lot since the weather has gotten colder, and they are very comfortable. I bought them to replace a similar pair of Bass slip-ons that wore out and started coming apart after five years. If there is a size that fits, they are nice shoes.

Any resemblance to Merrell shoes is purely intentional.

Hey! It’s cold out!

Also, not everyone needs clown shoes.

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Dang, looks like they sold out (the 1 paid) of 8’s they had too!

We had 45 pair. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. Now we know how many it takes to be featured on Woot!

Oh, we’ll sell fewer. We take what the vendor can get us.