G25 Globe 500 Lumen LED Bulb Four Pack



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G25 Globe 500 Lumen LED Bulb Four Pack
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6 pack for $49.99 shipped at Amazon


Good reviews.


Those are the non-dimmable ones. These claim to be dimple.

This looks like them: http://www.amazon.com/Energetic-Lighting-Equivalent-6-Pack-Warranty/dp/B00OABKH0S for $59.95 w/ 6.95 Shipping


Comments from a previous sale


500 Lm is pretty dim - more like a 40w incandescent. For true 60w replacements, you’d be looking at 800+ lm.


I’d agree.
I don’t see how this is a good deal considering I can go down to Costco and pick up a 3 pack of 800 lumen LED dimmable bulbs for $11 after instant power company rebate, or even go to Home Depot and pick up Phillips brand LED bulbs for $5.50 each.


I could be wrong but I think your paying a premium for the globe shape of these bulbs. From my personal research it’s been impossible to find these in led bulbs and almost as difficult to find in CFL. My bathroom’s all have fixtures above the sinks that would look silly without globe type bulbs.



[MOD EDIT] These aren’t dimable.


Does anyone know what the CRI is for this LED bulb? The color temperature is what we want at 2700 Kelvin, but the CRI is usually always missing from the product data.


The Energetic page for this part number claims CRI > 80.



Actually based on the label in the link it says “2700K”

I agree with the other posters that the globe LED bulbs at Costco are a far better value. They are dimmable 3-packs that are often on sale for around $10.


Is brighter always better? These are almost always installed as a qty. of 3 or more. Mine takes 5 bulbs and 2 are always unscrewed because I can’t find 25W bulbs. If this was a 5-pack I’d probably be all over it.


A little deceptive here – a normal 60W incandescent bulb is rated at about 800 Lumens. Which means that you will need to replace every 3 incandescent bulbs with 4 of these in order to keep your home ambiance the same. These bulbs last 25,000 hrs vs 10,000 hrs for an incandescent. You’d have to purchase 2 of these for every 5 incandescent. These cost $10/ea vs $1.50/ea for a good incandescent. $0.00015/hr for incandescent vs. $0.0004/hr LED. That means that you are paying a little over 26% for each LED times 2/5 for the lower lumens = just over 27% more. Not me!!


Nope. Bought some 3 packs of dimmable globe bulbs at Costco for like $9 after rebate. I don’t think this is a deal.


Hmmm, I believe 10,000 hours is fluorescent life expectancy, not incandescent, for which life expectancy is more like 1,000 hours.


It would appear that Triangle Bulbs t95015 G25 is the better deal at $9.99 per bulb (no shipping charges for Amazon Prime members). It has the same specs and actually looks like the incandescent it replaces rather than having an opaque housing at the base.


[QUOTE=Thumbmaster, post:12, topic:438968]
Actually based on the label in the link it says “2700K”

CRI is NOT the same as Color Temperature. CRI can differ in two bulbs of exactly the same color temperature.


I’m not sure what your point is. The color temperature is 2700K which puts it in the warm, reddish-orange, incandescent family of color. The CRI refers to how truly colors render under this particular lamp. The two ratings can be tangentially related, but they aren’t the same thing.