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I want to try that hammer on the iPhones.

The Selfie Button emulates a keyboard on both iOS and Android. On both, I’ve had no issue getting the media controls to work great. In Android, the photo button sends the “Enter” key and the “special software” is in an “untrusted” Chinese repository and I never got it to do anything but crash.

I just want the hammer.
(I have so many nails in my life that need hitting)

Bought the tempered glass screen protector last time it was up, and it was a great deal.

Super easy application, and no problems with it to date.

It’s worth noting that tempered glass screen protectors are a lot more easy to apply than the plastic film ones. It might help to have a little suction cup on a keyring to help place it and it’s a one and done affair since trying to take it off will likely break it, even if it’s just a tiny portion of it.

Even so, it’s much easier to apply and I’ve noticed that if an annoying particle does get under it, even small hairs, it won’t create a bubble like the plastic ones do. You’ll still notice it in overhead lighting but not when the screen is on.

It’s also nice to have that glass feel versus the semi-grippy plastic feel.

The only downside is that these are thicker and you’ll feel a raised edge if you don’t use a case.

Ordered 3 of these last round.

VERY happy.

Easy to apply with ZERO bubbles.

Super slick surface.

Not a lot of finger print issues.

Slightly thicker than the plastic types, makes the home button feel more below the surface, comes with inserts to fix this, but they block the fingerprint sensor. (I left it off)… its not a big deal.

These are super!

My son says the iPhone 6 has some kind of super-hard, indestructible screen already. Is a screen protector really necessary on the iPhone 6?

Is does have a sapphire screen which is stronger but that doesnt make it indestructible. It def can still break from a simple drop :-\

False, it does not have a sapphire panel.

And also it is not indestructible.

It is just very scratch resistant, under the right care of course.

What the glass protector does is to evenly distribute the impact across a larger area, smoothing out the overall pressure, protecting the screen from shattering in some cases.

Does not cover the entire screen. It was not wide enough and left gaps on the side of the screen

Just received mine for i5 and as stated by others, it was quite easy to apply. It even fits under my otter case for that extra bit of protection.

Same here.

Did everybody have a peel off layer? The box wasn’t sealed, the alcohol wipe was dry, the No1 peel off tab didn’t bring anything with it…did I get a “returned” item that wasn’t checked before restocked?

It shipped directly from the vendor and should have been new. You can contact GabbaGoods directly as they have the warranty.

You can also contact our CS. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Thanks. All taken care of. Original offer was a $1.00 refund and I keep it…which was kinda silly really, or an RMA issued and I ship it back for full refund. Also not a good deal for me at all. Received an email stating a full refund will be issued and no need to return non functioning item. THATS the Woot! I am used to.
Happier. Still need a protector…

Mine broke 1st day I got it, any warranty with this,

Not sure which item you’re asking about. The easiest way to find the warranty info is to go to Stuff You Bought, click the pic of the item from your order history to go to the product page, then scroll to the bottom of the Features tab. The warranty holder will be listed there.

If you need further assistance, please send your order details and situation to