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USB Hidden camera: $9 on Amazon

Not the same make/model/features as far as I can tell.

This is a link to the manufacturers website for this product, selling at $99.95.

I got that no-name clocky rip-off in a bag of tanga trash a few months ago. It kills brand new batteries in about two weeks. Maybe if my kids had actually woke up and gotten out of bed instead of cursing the clock while hiding under their covers it would have lasted longer. Still probably not worth more than $5 of amusement. I’m probably going to autopsy it for the continuous rotation servos at this point.

I remember the good ole days before amazon bought woot when there used to be good prices. All of this stuff can be found cheaper, sometimes much cheaper elsewhere.

Searching Amazon for “USB HD Hidden Spy Camera” brings up 10+ listings of the same exact product, all between $10 and $20 dollars. And yes, your product has the same features as the one I linked to in my original post. It’s ridiculous, $100 for a camera that only has a 2GB card and records in 720 x 480 resolution. My shoes record video at better resolutions. And never mind the price Woot is selling this product at.

CyberTrek watch available possibly for less…over here:

Found the Vertigo candy elsewhere online for $5 cheaper too… C’mon Woot/Amazon… You’re better than this. It’s cheaper on the manufacturer’s website as well…

alot of this stuff can be found on meritline and dealextreme… basically chinese importers. ONLY THING takes a moneth to ship :frowning:

This is sad…

I have always felt like was a site that would honestly sell high quality products at awesome prices… I noticed my mom had picked up 4 or 5 of these for 5 dollars from a common retailer…walmart or target I believe it was, from Target for 75% off which = $5…so the original price as well as the sale price are awful on here…


These prices are a joke! Bought one of the spy cams two mths ago for about $15. I don’t think I have ever seen a higher price than Woot’s

Is the Vertigo Pepper Candy one 1oz pouch or multiple 1oz pouches in a box? The details say one thing and the pictures show another.

Something’s not right here. I bought that robot splitter at Walmart a month ago and it couldn’t have been more than six or seven dollars.

Is this comment thread based on the entire set of deals offered…because this robot splitter is specifically that…a headphone splitter and nothing more. A headphone splitter than can be found for $5-$10 at Target or Walmart…Woot is legitimately ripping people off with this one…which hurts me to say, because I have been a long supporter of Woot over all the other “Deal” sites out there…

For the hot candies a box is pictured next to the packet. Do I get a box of 1 ounce packets? If so,how many packs are in the box?

Per the vendor, you get

1 Packet
1 oz. of candy
Approx. 15 candies.

I agree that these prices are ridiculous for the products offered. I think I know what the problem is, no one is vetting these vendors! Seems like a vendor is coming to woot claiming their product is worth $100 but will offer it for $50. Seems like a great deal, except the product is crap. You guys need to do a better job screening these vendors. Seriously, fake gum for $13? Doesn’t take much to screen that one. Even if it’s the most high quality fake gum in the world, it is not worth $13.

The specs on the Woot item state:

“1280 x 720 lines of resolution”

huge difference