Gag Gifts: Xmas Lulz

I ordered 2 the last time around from Woot. They need a little work on their makeup though, in due time…

I love this so so much.

I bought two of these last time. Can’t tell u how much fun I’ve had with them. Enjoy placing them in the bathroom set-up to play “I see Paris, I see France, I see someone’s underpants.”

I love these.

I went for the festive look. Hat courtesy of PetSmart.

I bought one of these the first time they were offered and the little guy went roaming, fell down the patio steps and sheered his legs off… so now he’s a deformed gnome… He kept strolling the neighbourhood, so this time I’m in for 3!

Gag gifts of Chamomile Lotion and hand wash? Oh, this will be good. I’ll be all like “honey, can’t wait for you to open your present” while I sneer and wring my hands in anticipation for her to open the box. Then POW! She opens it up to be pleasantly surprised by calming scented lotion. I ROFL hysterically. Gotcha this time honey!