Galactic Balance

A double Star Wars Derby! Congratulations, Fishbiscuit! :slight_smile:

This needs to be made into a clock as quickly as possible. I want it on my wall.

Just lovely.
And perfectly balanced, as the title suggests.
Congrats, Fishbiscuit, for another beautiful design.

Yay! Thanks to everyone for voting. :slight_smile:

Love the design, I just wish they had quality Tees to put it on. These shirts are so thin, and if I get a XXL it’s smaller than XL shirts I’ve bought in the past that have been washed dozens of times :frowning:

Congrats FB5! Really great design, not at all surprised at the win. :slight_smile:

Love the design!

Wish I could get it on another color t-shirt though…

this is gorgeous - wish I still got my SHIRTWOOT email everyday instead of the deals one I get now :frowning:

Which brand are you buying?

All shirt.woot shirts before 2012 are manufactured by American Apparel, usually with a shirt.woot tag. All were made in the USA.

From 2012 through mid 2014, all were custom manufactured by Anvil, usually with a shirt.woot tag. These were typically made in Honduras or Nicaragua.

From late 2014 to present, the standard blanks were stock Anvil blanks without a shirt.woot tag and with the newer cut (shorter, wider, and short tapered sleeves). These are made in Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, or Bangladesh.

Since mid 2015, an option for American Apparel blanks was offered, though without the shirt.woot tags now. Still made in the USA, these are cut/made the same as the original shirt.woot shirts from 2012 and earlier.

I personally opt for AA, but everybody’s body is different, hence the options. For more information, refer to the thread linked in my .sig.

Please make this available in non-t-shirts somewhere. This is awesome, but I would much rather have a poster