Galactic Gumtastic

Loved the attention to detail, like the infinity sign on the coin reciprocal and the rocket on top.

They killed Tom Servo!

I feel like this is a scam: if the planetary gumballs defy gravity, how on earth (har har) do they come out when I put my money in?

Which planets would be the chewiest? Which would lose their flavor the quickest? These are the questions that need answers.

It’s times like these that I wish Carl Sagan were still alive.

a silver woot tee is rare isn’t it?

Cue the complaints about the lack of Pluto.

Colors have a nice candy pop on the silver; want the one (why only one?) with the ring.

that must be Pluto that got kicked out first

The dispenser is a black hole.

Pluto must be the black licorice one that no one wants to eat.

Please dispose of used planets properly. I hate stepping on a sticky planet.

Kinda, mainly because Woot’s only been offering them for a few weeks. I doubt they’ll be rare for that long.

I count nine planets IN the gumball machine, if that little guy near the sun is, in fact, Mercury. So what’s the planet coming out?

Edit: Oh, I see, it’s just a rock. Eh. I have to say, the wildly inaccurate proportion throws me off. They aren’t even recognizable.

How many chews before Jupiter losses it’s flavor?

Pluto is in the dispenser.

You just can’t deplanetize Pluto and expect everyone to accept it. It’s just not right!

What a stellar design!

I dunno, I think planets are much more likely to be jawbreakers than gumballs. If so, watch out because they might go nova on you.

Sounds like Poprocks.