Galactic Gumtastic

I count 9 planets IN the machine, so that *would include Pluto, right? I’s confoosed.

This Spaceballs reference is ludicrous.

This design bursts the bubble on string theorem…

Amazing detail from 6 colours!

Has anybody tested the amount of licks needed to reach the inside of Jupiter?

This is my favorite silver tee yet. Gorgeous work!! I could stare at the shading in the glass for hours…-paws at monitor-

Aha! There is an end to the universe. It’s just a dispenser. How totally anti-climactic.

I would love to see Cylons blow this up.

For infinity cents, do you only get a measly Pluto? I’d feel pretty cheated if all I got for infinity cents was a freakin fake planet.

I take it that’s the moon between earth and the sun, I thought I was seeing 9 planets in the glass and one in the chute.

Here’s tonight’s “now I can’t unsee it” moment:
Why is the gumball machine dressed like Santa?

So, our entire solar system has apparently been the product of Tom Servo’s dreams?

That’s some pretty heady stuff there woot.

Of course, the hardest part is finding out which planet you get, hopefully not Neptune or Uranus.

IT’s a beautiful shirt and I am always looking for new science shirts to wear when I’m teaching but it has a few problems. I guess I could ask the kids to identify all of the problems…that justifies buying the shirt, doesn’t it?

Hmm. I only count 8. The big yellow one is the sun.

My curiosity forces me to consider: what is outside the gumball machine?

Nothing? More gumball machines? Is this gumball machine within a gumball within a gumball machine? How much would that gumball cost? More than infinity? What is more than infinity?! Who set the price on this price-gouging machine?!

Bah… gumballs are confusing…

Bought one for my little brother. I need to teach him to say:

The big yellow one is the sun!

Thanks Brian Regan

Pluto is included. And neither is my purchase.

At this point I’m going to buy the first shirt that actually has an accurate solar system without question.


I feel like its not supposed to be the actual solar system. There is the right number of planets, according to interpretation, but the planets are rather random looking. I could see an Earth, a Venus and a Mars, but then what is the other red planet? Why is “saturn” green? Are the tiny planets Neptune and Uranus? Is the planet that looks exactly like Venus actually Jupiter and the random blank planet really Venus? It would work, but it would be silly. My assumption was that this was just supposed to represent the Universe generally, and the focus was on planets because they look like gumballs.

Well, that little rock by the sun can’t be Mercury, because it isn’t a Sphere. So, I’m going to actually say that MERCURY is the ball in the dispenser slot. Since it’s First, that makes sense. Then there are 7 planets and one dwarf planet left. So where is the other dwarf planet bigger than Pluto, Eris?