Galante Vineyards Estate Red - 3 Pack

Galante Vineyards Estate Red - 3 Pack
$69.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Rancho Galante Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2008 Red Rose Hill Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2006 Blackjack Pasture Cabernet Sauvignon
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Someone please give the strength, for once, to trust my first instinct and click the gold button! I always hesitate and always miss the first woot! :frowning:

With that being said, anyone try this out before?

edit: $60 for the blackjack, $25 for the Galante, and $35 for the Red Rose. Looks like almost %50 off when you figure in shipping.

Hi Wooters!
I just wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to experience Galante Vineyards wines. It’s been a long day at the winery, crushing grapes and pressing out some wines, so I’ll probably only be up an hour or so more (I need rest just like grapes)! However, I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow to answer all your questions.
I think you’ll really love this selection of Estate Grown Cabernets and I very much look forward to hearing from you.
Jack Galante

Just wanted to clear this up - the Blackjack normal retail is $50/bottle, although library wines are much more valuable. The 2006 was just released last week and is drinking GREAT! Jack

Stupid typos! It just felt like the President just activated the Hammer of Dawn on my mistake

Ooh and the backlog of wineries that ship to MD is finally coming through…interesting! Tempt me more! :wink:

Good evening Jack! Thanks for joining us… I had a chance to taste these wines up at the ranch (after driving 45 minutes up the Carmel Valley), and was struck by the differences- the Rancho Galante a nice, brooding, layered Cab; the Red Rose Hill, a lively, bright wine, and the Blackjack Pasture a big, chewy steak-eatin Cab. Can you comment on the why’s & how’s of the differences between each of these wines all made from the same estate?

If you enjoy wines with true personality and an old world style you will really enjoy these. We make wines that are incredibly approachable but full flavored and very food friendly. We are blessed with a very long hang time. Our Cabs are usually harvested from mid-October through mid-November and, as such, they develop an incredible maturity and great acids. Each Cabernet is truly unique. We are a small, family run business and only produce about 5000 cases annually so each wine is truly hand crafted.

Reminds me of a shell trick with wine bottles…which kick is the ball under?

I’d be happy to. First of all, our ranch has several micro climates on the property as it goes from 700 to 2200 feet in elevation. Soils also vary from field to field as does the temperature.
Our Rancho Galante is made from combining grapes from several of our cab vineyards. We age this wine in 1 year old French Oak so the oak is apparent but definitely understated. It is velvety smooth with a dusty mouth and layers of wonderful dark fruit.
Red Rose Hill is a lively, bright wine that is a blend of 76% cabernet and 8% each of Malbec, Merlot and Petite Sirah. This blend truly sets it apart and the bright flavors of raspberry and ripe fruit explode in your mouth. It is aged in 50% new French oak and 50% 1 year oak.
Blackjack Pasture is our signature Cabernet. Single Vineyard and aged in 100% new French Oak, then bottle aged for about 5 years, it is truly a mouthful. Rich, chocolaty flavors and chewy tannins make it a perfect match for a great Cowboy Cut Ribeye. This field always seems to produce this special wine - nature at its best!

…the kicker was, I took the wines to a steak dinner that night at Clint Eastwood’s historic Mission Ranch. I thought, “…wouldn’t it be crazy if Clint were actually here?” and there he was sitting at the piano as we went to our table. In hindsight, I should have offered him a glass of the Blackjack Pasture Cab!

That would have “made his day!”

(sound of rimshot on a Bordeaux glass)

Your website still says no shipping to Maryland. This woot and the official Maryland list say otherwise. You may want to fix that.

Wow, this has to be the first wine I’ve seen that can ship neither to me in Kansas nor my wootlegging family members in Missouri. And I thought Missouri let just about everything in.

Too bad, these sound great and I’d be in for one.

These sound very nice. How do you manage the tannins in these wines? Does cap management vary for each wine, or do you use the same process for each of them?

Interesting bracket of years… why 2 '06s and an '08?

Also '06 & '08 are widely considered to be inferior years in comparison to '05 & '07 … particularly with respect to aging. Can you you address how you dealt with the unique conditions of these years?

Lastly, you mention that you pick such that the wines “develop an incredible maturity and great acids” … yet the pH numbers on the '06s in particular don’t bear that out. Please address.

Thanks for your input. Can you provide the cellaring times for these three offerings? I’ve got a lot of bottles on their side and I’d like to know whether I need to drink these now or would be better if I let them sit a little longer.

Thanks for reminding me. We just started shiping there and didn’t update it yet.