Galaxy Cat

Now with space whiskers!

Well, it’s be beautiful cat, but…back of a hoodie, maybe.

Happy Birthday, kellabell! Just saw your tweet. :slight_smile:

To prevent war, the galaxy is in Orion’s eyes.

Thanks manhandsha!! Great way to start 35 :slight_smile:

Look into my eyes…

So, basically the same as Dictate of Erebos from MTG.

Nice design. Not so nice as a gift for a female - the women in my life have made it clear that this kind of design placement is not optimal for them. For the hoodie especially, putting it on the back would have been better.

It would reduce the efficacy of the statement “Hey guy, my eyes are up here!”

I was kind of visualizing that same problem.

I LOOOVE this! If it was on a long sleeved t-shirt, or a tote I would buy it. Too cold here for short sleeves and I have one of the zip up jerseys that I never wear because I hate the zipper :wink:

gah, I love it, but I’ve told myself no more black hoodies because it would be a magnet for cat hair. Also, the boob issue. I’d buy it in grey, or as a tote bag though!

is shipping still included when you buy a $7 dollar shirt ?
I missed out on do or do not because of no answer !
I think $5 dollar shipping on a $7 dollar shirt is crazy !
I liked the old woot better :frowning:

Howdy. Shirt now takes advantage of the cart so you can add more things and ship for $5. The price is the same. It used to be $12 and now it’s $7.

Should have been “catnot” validate parking instead of cannot. That would have been “purr-fect”. I’m not lion. But I am feline pretty good.

I’m in for one zip up. Part of my Valentine present. Great design kella.

Shirt sizes are all F*d up! Ordered a Women’s XL and it “might” fit a 6yr kid!
Seriously pissed about it.

Did you check the sizing chart before you ordered? With no thanks to the trend of “vanity sizing”, nothing can be assumed these days. And that goes for guys too.

Now if the shirt doesn’t measure up to its specs, that’s on Woot.

The “large” hoodie similarly smaller-sized. Time to break out the measuring tape. Though now I notice the hoodies are gone, so no hope in upsizing?