Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

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Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
Price: $84.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Lots of great reviews at Amazon

Does it work with an iPhone?

Check out this “OK” review over at cnet

Product Page on similar

My Galaxy S5 on sprint running android version 4.4.4 is not listed. Is this correct? Will my phone work with this watch?

My S5 did when it ran 4.4, and does running 5.0 as well.

Look out for the metal clasp. I had the Gear 2 watch (which uses the same wristband as the Gear), and the clasp laid right against my bone, causing pain. If i rotated the wristband, the watch face was at an equally akward, uncomfortable angle. Also, the Gear will make calls and texts via your phone, but tell it to search or do anything else, and you’re SOL- it won’t bring those up on your phone. Handy for calling and texting while driving, and not much else. (And for the person who asked above: No, it doesn’t work with iPhone.)

I have one from a previous woot deal and loved it until one day it showed me I walked more than 13 miles at work. My favorite feature is either the ability to take pictures ( which it does quite well) or checking my e-mails.

Anyone know for sure about S5 compatibility?

According to this question’s several answers on Amazon, yes, it works with the S5.

Is anyone going with the square trade warranty on this?

Not much of a deal when they were $99 at AT&T new for almost 3 months. Gear 2/Neo was $199 and is so much more advanced including changeable wrist bands.

Yes S5 and S5 Active, have both and both watches too.

Only complaint is watches have to be charged just like everything else and the nightly ritual of charging:
[]Samsung phones
]Samsung tablets
[]Moto Xoom
[]Jabra and Plantronics

Has become my electric company messy dream.

I have the first watch, is this a later model, What release is this. Do they have a newer one out there.
The one I have is pretty big. The price is good …trying to dump and come out with a newer one.If you dont have a “smartwatch” this is a good time to see if you like it.

Where is the $10,000 gold version?

Natively? No. But it looks like, with some hackery, they can be made to do some basic functions (calls, notifications, probably music as well)

Can someone point to or post a photo taken with this watch?

I found examples of both picture and video quality over at Android Central:

Now I have to upgrade my watch every time I upgrade my phone? And recharge it every 4 hours?

How can I say “No”?