Galaxy Tab 10.1” w/ SD Card Reader

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Galaxy Tab 10.1" w/ SD Card Reader
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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these things are great for surfing the internet and stuff like that

I wasn’t fast enough with the ZHIP iPhone & iPod Holder selling so quickly

so I’ll just put this here.

Or just surfing.

bugger, cheaper now than before! got the moofi one w/o card reader. at leas they only cost a very little

things seem to be moving fast… boc soon?!

can ice cream sandwich run on this?

Official website.

I put an ice cream sandwich on mine
it doesn’t turn on anymore.

no, but it can run in unison

aka, if u have a TI dongle, then yes.

If you let it get melty and tilt it a bit, it’ll probably run on it.

Will this work with my MacAirbook ?

Does this come preloaded with that geico brostache app?

Must have tons of these!

seriously, these comments are getting old. is it mac compatible?! yeah, sure. just get a real os first.

can it? yes.

Like Windows98

I’m on mine now - love it. Bought it new as a family Christmas present but wish we’d held out for one here. Awesome for more than just surfing and email. This thing works better than my work laptop most of the time.

I hope there’s only one of these too… or we’ll be here a while.

Never mind.