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Aw, c’mon! What did that poor little piñata ever do to anyone?

This just makes me giggle.

I love the art and the artist, but I just won’t buy another gray shirt. Sorry.

Great details!

Hey grey is the new black :wink: (plus its silver)

This shirt is cute in a morbid sorta way. Poor little thing.

The “silver” is a shade of gray …

Ok ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, doesn’t anyone think this is the slightest bit creepy?

Piñata justice is swift & sweet…

If it’s so creepy, then why does everyone buy a piñata for a child’s birthday party? The shirt just puts human behavior into clear focus. If you don’t like what you see, then boycott buying piñatas and stick to clowns and jumpy houses.

I love how the executioner’s hood has no eyeholes, instead of a blindfold. Super intricate design, congrats W!

To elaborate on my derby comment, usually during pinata parties (and I can say this as the feted child at a few of these), there’s always a rush to grab the candy before the “whacker” is done swinging, with predictable results.

I like to think the woman facing the “camera” with her arms outstretched is protecting the crowd from rushing in too early and getting whacked by the whackin’ bat.

Can we please stop beating a dead horse already?

Oh wait… there’s candy inside?


Great work.
And there is something about the woman out front with a smile on her face…nice touch!

I actually broke into laughter! Sold!

Great to see such a detailed and worked design also be fun and wearable! Grats on the print ace- :smiley:

I’m running out of closet space, but bought one anyway.

Come, Sweet Death.

congrats Wences!!!