Galt Decorative Garden Candle Holder



what is this supposed to do? It looks like something my kids made to keep away the boogy man…


Candles must be really expensive since they were only willing to spring for two of the four to try and even sell this.


Something specifically made for White Elephant sales.


ACK!!! Thbbft!


Galt? John??? Oh, not him. Shrug. Nevermind.


I’d like to see how someone would incorporate this into their decor, because I can’t picture it myself.


This is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.


Just what I needed: a slingshot table setting machine with emergency blackout lighting, no electricity required!


I am just not getting this. Is it garden because it has a bird on top. Why silverware on the bottom. Candles don’t work in gardens. Birds don’t work in kitchens. Why? Why? Why?


It’s like a silverware bone collector graveyard. seriously, woot! this is even better than the non-weather-resistant- cloche from the last woot!off…




Actually none are included.

“Four candle holders hold 2.25” diameter cancles (not included)"

Well “cancles” aren’t included. So… I’m assuming candles aren’t either.


Whew! I always worry about getting cankles when I order from woot! Good to know this product is cankle-free. What a relief.


please someone, anyone, buy these up so we can move on! ugh, this has got to be the ugliest thing ever…


They know, they meant to display it properly in the picture.


Apparently these are popular in Missouri and Arkansas. I knew there was a reason I had never been there.