Galt French Burlap Home Accent

How’s your home decorated? Does anyone have experience with these topiaries and cats?

Only American burlap is allowed in my home. Maybe if they called this Freedom Burlap…

Can I send this link to everyone who made fun of me when I sewed burlap curtains for my bathroom 5 yrs ago??? They still look good I might add. You do have to give them a few weeks to get rid of smelling like a barn, but once you do - they are awesome. I love burlap. Don’t try to snuggle with it - but it is a highly overlooked fabric if you ask me!

This stuff is a tad too high brow for me - as I am cheap (hence why I am at woot) but I think it’s nice,I just also think I can make it myself. :wink: I’m a crafty gal. If it’s expensive & not practical & I can’t make it…then I can’t have it. :frowning: LOL