Galt French Burlap Placemat



more burlap… oh Yay… looks like something put through the washing machine 70 or 80 times too many


Woot is dumb to limit this to 3, i would totally buy at 4 for a SET, because you know, that’s how people typically buy placemats, in a SET… dumb move, not interested


It seems odd that these are apparently sold in sets of 1?


Does it seem nuts to anyone else to be selling placemats as singles, with a purchase limit of 3? At the very least, I’d want 4 of them to put around a table…


Agreed! Would need 6 :frowning: I really wanted these…oh well


And that they apparently retail for $20 for one mat? Yeah.


Totally Agree with you there


So just to be clear here… you couldn’t buy three and then go through checkout again to get another?


Who is French Galt?


I would have bought a set of four. But three? Yeah, that’s weird. They should have at least sold them in pairs, so you could get two, four or six.


Be warned – this burlap is smelly! (ordered the apron made of same material – ick!)