Galt Metal Wine Rack

Tacky time at homewoot!

Can you say Bacon wine holder

Ok, the new Caption This! thread is open! Go forth and entertain me!

Woot-Off Caption This!

Oh…it’s a shoe…how about that…

OMG,i just thought it is a pair of shoes, but how can it be a wine Holder , so creative

I can’t believe no one is going on about how ugly this thing is. I thought the petina bird silverware candleholder things were a bit off, but this is hideous & people went on & on about how ugly those were. I almost want to buy it as a joke…but I don’t know if anyone could laugh it off & worse yet, if they like it, I’d have to see it again AND I could never tell them I was meaning it to be funny.

I, personally, am speechless this is so awful.

Um…when I said Tacky time at homewoot!, I wasn’t praising this.

Oooh! Perfect to go with my plastic flamingos!

“Sir, our lawyers have just informed us that marketing hot-iron shoes for stepmothers is almost certainly illegal.”

“But we have ten-thousand of them ready for shipment!”

“If I may suggest, sir, we might re-label them as kitschy wine-bottle holders.”

“Pendleton, what would I do without you?”

Maybe if it was Gold plated but I still think it would be in bad taste.