Galt Willow Plate with Zinc Insert 12.5"

This might honestly be the worst item I have ever seen for sale during a wootoff. Yes, even worse than those santana trucker hats.

Won’t I need more than three if I’m to set my table?

This looks like something I’d find at The Christmas Tree Shop on their deeply discounted shelves. Poor woot. Poor, poor woot. Your buyers must not be well these days.

Odd. No one’s reported a server error on this ever-so-special offering.

Ponder. Maybe it’s not odd after all.

WTF is this?

Gosh. Just – gosh.

OK, and why? Why would anyone want this? Why would anyone make this?

It looks like something you’d dug out of Granny’s attic after she’d died, and got a nickle for it from the kid down the street when you’d marked it down in your garage sale.

Wow. Wicker? Seriously? How is this on Woot? A buyer really needs to get fired over there.

Who is Galt Willow?