Galt Wood Star Red Twig Birdhouse

It’s like I’m really at a cracker barrel.

AHAHA!! So true.

Only for tiny, patriotic birds.

what the hell?

Have you ever wondered what regret looks like?

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i betcha there’s lead in that paint.

Anyone willing to take one for the team and buy all these ummmm beautiful bird homes?

I know… seriously?

Now I’m hungry. -_-

Great gifts for all of the in-laws. Buy up everyone.

Pretty hard sell at $9.

Even at $.09… This must be Home Woot’s screaming monkey.

Well, it could be the start to a day of free shipping. Right?

Are these refurbs? The one in the picture looks like it already has bird droppings on it.

Nice, never looked at it that way. :slight_smile:

I have a grandma that would like it at least $1 worth.

Way too expensive - these will be at The Christmas Tree Shops in November for 1.29. To top it all off, made in China. It’s junk. Come on Woot; you can do better!

This is a brilliant comment. And funny.

But I must admit that I’ve been wondering if someone bought a lot of this Galt stuff a while back, or if someone keeps on buying it. Frightening thought.

I’ve been looking for a birdhouse suitable for the bigger birds that love to visit my yard. All I’ve found anywhere are houses with these tiny holes. I’m thinking maybe hummingbird, or baby finch… And even then they may have to shimmy their way in. That said… I actually considered a purchase, and then cutting the hole larger… At that point I might as well just make a stripe birdhouse instead. Stars are so five minutes ago.