Galvanized 4-in-1 Raised Garden Beds Set

Galvanized 4-in-1 Raised Garden Beds Set

Is the picture correct that the corners are 31.5"? That seems not quite right based on pictures.

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Not sure of the question or how too answer since there’s various ways to configure the set:


What dimension of the corners is 31.5"? The picture of 4 corners making a circle has a diameter of 31.5"… which makes it hard for me to understand the other picture that says there are 4 31.5" corners in the set.

The circumference of a circle is pi*D, which means that the length of each of these corners is about 24.75" + whatever the overlap is on connection. The “depth” of a corner, assuming the ends are perpendicular to each other should be 15.5" + overlap. I’m pretty sure there is no way to look at this such that the image saying there are 8 31.5" corners is accurate.

This is sold out, but looking at the overall dimensions, I believe what they’re calling a corner is made up of two curved pieces.

So the length of one of the ovals is listed as 63" overall.

To get that you’d have 4 rounded pieces and two straight pieces.

So 15.75 + 31.5 + 15.75 = 63.

15.75 x 2 would be the diameter of 31.5.

It’s confusing for sure.

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I like the way you think, but I’m skeptical… because the “What’s in the Kit” image shows 8 pieces of corners and 4 pieces of short panels.


Yes. That is correct, and how I interpreted each of those configurations… I still maintain that the dimensions in one of the pictures is incorrect. There is no way for a corner piece to be 31.5" and also to put 4 of them together to make a 31.5" diameter circle.

If the radius of those curved pieces is 15.75, then the diameter of the entire circle would be 31.5.

It’s correct.

Example: 2R=D

So .375 x 2 = .75
In this instance R is 15.75 so
15.75 x 2 = 31.5



I was told there would be no math.


This does feel like work.


Where do I submit for CEUs?
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Yes, I remember basic circle geometry. There’s nothing intuitive about the measurement of a quarter of a circle being given as the diameter of the circle rather than the radius or the circumference. I maintain that the picture titled “What’s in the Kit” should be updated to specify that it is referring to the diameter, or should reflect a more intuitive measure of the dimensions of the corner. The only way to get a dimension of 31.5 with corner pieces is to use at least 2 of them… so that number shouldn’t be applied to a single one.

Lol. I give up. This is sold out.

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lol a lot of Wooters figured out the maths

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Wanna know a secret?

If you cut a circle in half, and measure the straight line where you cut, that’s called a diameter.

If you cut that same circle into 4 equal pieces and throw two pieces away, then measure the straight line, its the same as the previous diameter.

And finally, if you dig those pieces out of the trash and stick them all back together…guess what? Yup, same diameter.


Unless a trash panda nibbled on the pieces.

I don’t think they could change the curve though. So it would still be the same diameter.

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