Gama Sonic Outdoor Lighting

Regarding the Gama Sonic GS-3 EZ Lamp Post Anchor Kit, what are the measurements of the auger bit? In particular, how deep is it inserted in the ground? I’m assuming the auger bit is not depicted in the same scale as the base unit considering the hole on it is smaller than the hole in the base. If it is, then it looks really dinky.

Also, is this base unit optional? Can the default bases on the lamp posts be secured without this additional base unit?

Hello from Gama Sonic. Thanks for your questions on the EZ Anchor kit.

The picture does not show the items in their actual size or to scale. We’ll try to improve that image, as it definitely is confusing. Thanks for the feedback.

The auger in the kit is about 1.5 inches wide and 24 inches long, but only 16 inches go into the ground.

The kit is an optional accessory to help you install a Gama Sonic solar lamp post in the ground without additional tools. Any Gama Sonic solar lamp post also can be installed in the ground by the conventional method of digging a hole with a shovel or post-hole digger to the desired depth, inserting the lamp post, and using cement or some other mortar to secure the post permanently. For larger items like the Victorian post with two lamps, this still may be the preferable method for the most stable installation.

We hope we have answered your questions, but if you have more, please post them. We’re here to help.


Gama Sonic USA Customer Support

Why would anyone buy these without the specifications on how many watts or how many lumens this fixture is.

Not sure how accurate, but this listing at Walmart says the lighting is equivalent to a 35-40 watt lightbulb.

Not too bright, but should provide decent light. Wish I knew the color temp of the LED’s.

I prefer just dropping a 75 or 100 watt eqv LED bulb in an standard. Typically draws less than they were originally rated for, provides daylight at night, and doesn’t attract bugs.

Does the Victorian solar lamp with motion sensor come with the wall mount? Is that an option? I see that the one without the motion sensor you can get with or without the wall mount for the same price, but it doesn’t say if that’s an option for the one with the motion sensor.

Yes, the motion-sensing light fixture comes with wall, pier, and fitter mounts in a single kit.

Sorry we did not provide that information to Woot. All the Victorian light fixtures output continuously in a brightness range of 100-150 lumens and include Gama Sonic’s patented cone-reflector technology to help enhance the glow. The light is a cool white color (6000K).

The motion-sensing lights double in brightness for a short duration when movement is detected.

What an odd name for lighting. Do these emit ionizing radiation or produce a high frequency buzz?