Gama Sonic Rechargeable LED Lantern and Work Light

Gama Sonic Rechargeable LED Lantern and Work Light
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Let’s check out the product page and learn all about gama sonic

Home Depot has a good review

I’ve got a few smaller lights that have a pair of NiCD AA cells soldered inside, this is the first portable I’ve seen that uses a 4Ah lead acid battery (I believe it’s a 6V battery, in case anybody is thinking about hacking this to charge a cell phone).

I found the User Manual as a PDF

From some quick research, this should be about comparable to a 40W incandescent light bulb in terms of light output. Not too bright, but probably would be decent in an emergency situation.

I’ve had one and it’s not that bright. It is great for a camping light and all but it makes a terrible worklight

“In The Box” doesn’t mention a power/charging cord, nor is one shown in any of the photos, although the input receptor is. Is that included?

The manual linked above shows that it comes with it. We’re using vendor art and it looks like they didn’t include that in the image.

I’ll email in to get that added to the sale.

Excellent detective work to track down the pdf. But as usual the dumbed down manuals of the day leave out one of the most important specs. Does not say what the current draw of the charger is. Important if you leave it connected all the time as a standby light.

That PDF you posted says it’s a 4V/3Ah battery.

The specs state that the battery is 4V, the charger provides DC6V / 300mA. So if it goes to standby when the battery is charged, it should draw about 1W, or about a buck a year in electricity.

Also, the image shows a direct 120VAC input, the manual (for the same model number) shows a wall-wart style charger. Which is correct?

Wow, that zoom gets us in to more trouble.

I’ve sent an email but it’s Thanksgiving so we may not get an answer.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say you will get SOMETHING that plugs into a wall outlet.

As companies expand to world markets, they often revamp their somewhat localized power requirements. For example, it makes no sense to force someone to get a 220V adapter for European markets, so step down to 120 volts so a charging unit can deliver 6 volts to the appliance.

The “universal” charges that detect the voltage and deliver the appropriate low voltage to the unit are very cheap, and convenient.

As well, having a DC socket on the device also allows both automobile and solar chargers to power the device.

This is pure conjecture but I would be willing to believe that the earlier units had the two prong cable with the DC rectifier in the lamp, and the newer units may have stripped out the rectifier (or left it in rather than change anything) and allowed people to use other sources of power.

Or I could be wrong.

at amazon its 29.00. The light does have a 5.00 off coupon so with Prime its 24 bucks shipped and it will be here in 2 days instead of being SHIPPED in 2 or 3 days.

I am interested in this product.BUT I live in India and we have 220 volts AC power lines.We do have some step down transformers to connect 120volts lamps but I am not too sure of the quality .Can you also provide a transformer?