Gama Sonic Solar-Charged LED Light with Motion Sensor

**Item: **Gama Sonic Solar-Charged LED Light with Motion Sensor
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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So far a good price…

This site has 2 for $69

and Amazon has it for $34.95

confused about the specs…is it HxWxL or what is the correct combination?

I see it says hardware included but, does it mean all the hardware for the three installation options? I might want to move them around until I find the best spot. Thanks!

From Amazon’s product page:

“From the Manufacturer
… This great accent light comes with hardware and instructions for ground, free standing or wall installation.”

Great! Thank you very much! And let me say thank you again to show I mean it!

Under “Specs” it says “Material: Metal”. Could you please me more specific ? Are these lamps steel, or aluminum ? Are they powder-coated or annodized ? Is the “lens” plastic or glass ? Is the solar panel plastic or glass ?

Sure, I can go look it up, but since you guys are selling it, I think it would be nice if you had a more thorough description.


I did a quick search and unfortunately didn’t find any of the specifics you’re looking for. Hopefully someone a little more knowing than myself can share some info.

I passed your post along to the guys responsible for gathering the details. Thanks for chiming in.

Woot staff, I’m impressed how well you handled that! All good questions too

Just received mine, its plastic. Mine was missing it’s base.

Has anyone else received theirs with a part missing?

Sorry to hear that. I’ve forwarded this info to our CS department, but please email so we can remedy the situation!
(You may also consider contacting Gama Sonic directly & letting them know what your situation is.)

Just checked, thanks for the post by the way, all 3 of mine are missing bases.

figured out the problem. The attached bottom of the light can come off exposing a bigger sized hole for the attachments.