Gama Sonic Solar Garden Lights & Gadgets

Gama Sonic Rechargeable 15-Inch Cooling Fan with AM/FM Radio #GS-26R for 69 bucks on Amazon. Fairly good reviews.

I was wondering is the AC Adapter 220V compatible? Does anyone know?

(Woot almost never notes this, and it is a very important selling point to some of us Wootsters.)

I’d love to put the LED lamppost out in the middle of the woods behind my house.

What materials were used to make this? Is the post/planter a type of metal or plastic? Are the light coverings glass or plastic? I can’t get a good idea of the product from the picture. Also, can this be returned if I decided I didn’t like it?

Been trying to find good solar lights for years. None seem to last long so the return on the investment isn’t worth it. Either they just stop working r the batteries leak/burst. Brinkman lights from Costco were the first ones I tried. They were great the first year, by the 2nd summer, half were dead. Batteries (pure) from Canada leaked or burst. The “plastic” covers over the solar panels turned yellow which blocks the light, which doesn’t allow a good charge. Sorry but I’m going back to the old school Malibu lights.

FWIW, I don’t know if I’d cut through the roof of a shed to mount the Shed Light, but it looks like you could do a wall-mount and put the solar panel out to the side.

Also, I was wondering - if I leave the “Gama Sonic DL-713LS Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern and Work Light” turned ON, will it still charge and last several hours during a power outage?

I like the wall-mount idea. I was not keen on cutting a hole in the roof of my shed, but the solar light would be great to have in there.

I can only answer one of your questions. no, you can’t return it if you don’t like it.

I have this, which is somewhat similar to the one here:

I haven’t had any yellowing or fading issues yet, but it had only been like a year. They aren’t incredibly bright so don’t expect a 1:1 replacement for wired lamps. My house is right between 2 street lights which are spaced just far enough apart to leave my driveway in darkness. These lights replaced the wired ones that were there as the wiring was completely jacked up from landscaping accidents and weather. They cast just enough bluish/white light to make out the edges of my driveway so I can avoid the red brick bases the lamp posts are in. After a simple cost comparison, it was much cheaper to buy these (like $200 at the time) vs getting an electrician to rewire the existing lamps (several hundred).

One added benefit I didn’t think of when I bought them is in the event of a power outage I STILL HAVE LIGHT :slight_smile: Then they really look bright.

FYI, address light uses Ni-Cd batteries.

Is this only for addresses with 5 numerals? I have 4 numerals…one pic displays a sign with 5 AND 2 numerals…and if it is supplied with a numeral “kit” - what is the amount of individual numerals? 5 each (0-9)? Exactly what am I buying here? Or is it an illuminated address for 53124 only, or wha?

I just emailed our buyers to see what we can find out. I’ll update you when you hear back.

UPDATE: This comes with a kit of 27 numbers that covers 95% addresses. It also includes 3 black cards for shorter numbers and 4 letters of E,W,S,N.

If you have a number that doesn’t fit this set, you can contact the manufacturer and they will send the missing numbers, free of charge.

Hope that helps!