Gama Sonic Solar Garden Lights

I am very interested in a couple spot/flood lights. The spotlights here got terrible reviews on amazon:

I have some Gamma Sonic lamp post lights and they have demonstrated that these solar lights are only really useful for places either close to the ground, in the very dark, and/or where it isn’t easy to run power.

My driveway is right in the middle between street lights, so it is rather dark at night. The original lamp posts were wired to the house, but the cable is cut in multiple locations. I got mine on sale for $100 a piece and self installed which was cheaper than having someone rerun cable from under my house. They aren’t real replacements for incandescent lamps, but they were realatively inexpensive, easy to install, turn on and off automatically, and work during a power outage when no one elses does. (we have a lot of big old trees in the neighborhood and overhead power lines, so it isn’t uncommon to be dark for a while) Also keep in mind it will be a white/blue light that won’t come from one point like a bulb, it comes from several LEDs which reflect off the cone in the center. The batteries will probably need to be replaced every few years but it has been 2 years and if we come home late after being out they are still lit (unless it has been really overcast) The user manual was junk though, I’m still not sure if I am in High or Low mode.


Nice artist’s conception on the light output. 40 lumens is roughly equal to a 3-4W incandescent bulb, otherwise known as a nightlight. Enough to be visible in the dark, not enough to cast significant illumination on anything else.

Come on, Woot. It’s one thing to glam up the descriptions, but this retouched picture really borders on false advertising.

Here is a review of the other spotlights being sold:

wish I could try .I purchased 1 but it was never shipped to me even though I was billed .now I am stuck playing e/mail tag trying to either get the light or cash back .good luck cause their customer service sucks’ run hang up

Please PM me with your order number so I can have someone take a look.