Game, Headset, Match

why would you finally put these on sale now. I have been yearning for those 7.1s for a long time and now now of all the times you finally make em cheap after I just blew my load on a different toy

Review of the 7.1 and confimation that it does work with the ps3 here

Video and review of the the Primer

Does this have the XBOX live chat feature??

Do these have noise cancelling capabilities in the mic? I need something that can also couple as a good skype headset when my roomies are watching a movie or something granted that I live in very close quarters.

Also as an edit: how annoying are the cables? I have a lot of wires already around my computer and I am a little worried about adding 2 more. Am I realistically in need of the wireless ones or are the cables easily manageable?

Do these work on PC?

that is sorta kinda the whole point.

Which model? And yes depending on if your computer has the right ports. That’s the great thing about computers everything works with them if you install the right hardware.

The wireless one is the least usable by a computer, in fact I take that back, if you use the wireless one with a computer you will still have to run a mic cable to your computer so it would be pointless.

Noise cancelling is not great but on the trittan’s I own the mic isn’t omni-directional so it doesn’t pick up the whole room anyway.

The cheaper models are more compatible to pc’s than the more expensive models. Unless you have a very nice sound card with optical out. But if you did you probably wouldn’t be asking the questions you are asking.

As far as cables go, it’s pretty much a really long cable that goes all the way across your room and a short cable to go to hour xbox controller, again depending on the model

As much as I wish your advice was different, thank you for sharing! I will await a different deal.