Game Of Adventure

I’m game for this shirt.

I shall have to wear this on my vacation to King’s Landing later this year.

That throne looks right comfy.

nice but that’s not how a 4-sider is numbered – not the older or the newer ones… :frowning:

(guessing the artist thought most people would think it was “wrong” if the three sides showing had the same number???)

Found the dork!


Edit: New ones? I’m only familiar with the smaller numbers near the vertices… circa 19(cough)

Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds. Watch out d20.

Love your roleplaying shirts in general, but this one is particularly epic- :smiley:

Do me a favor and hold this door…

One Die to rule them all, One Die to find them,
One Die to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Thanx guys!

Yeah I know the 4-dice is not numbered in this way, but it didnt look good on the design :slight_smile:

Numbers at the vertices is the new style. Truly old 4-siders (blue box, red box days) were numbered at the base of each of the 3 visible sides. And really chippy plastic. And you filled in the numbers with crayon!

:high five:!