Game of Hodor

Hodor for the win!

Spoiler alert…Hodor is coming.


The true heir to the Iron Throne.

That Hodor. What a wild man.


Hodor, Hodor Hodor Hodor.

Hodor Hodor? Hodor!

I really want to like this design, and buy a few items with it but … ugh, the way Hodor’s face has been done :frowning: /pass

Good to see Baelish and Varys on a shirt… and poor Bran sandwich. Haha.


Such bad mental images there…

Hodor and Bran in real life. Yikes. It’s almost as if Hodor could eat Bran.

Don’t go there.

Completely agree… It’s like a blend of Hodor and King Hippo. I’m pretty sure this is what the Mike Tyson’s Punch Out version of Hodor would look like.

Hodor and Bran in real life, at an Ohio State game. Yup, I like them even more now.

Beware the zip up jersey hoodies. Got one a few weeks ago and after 3 zips, I couldn’t get the teeth to align any more to zip, so I yanked the bottom most tooth of the pin side so that the start of the track would work. And it worked for about 3 more zips untill it wouldn’t work again, so I yanked annother tooth from that side. Now the hoodie pulls apart at the bottom and I have to struggle to get it to unzip. So much for having a nice zip-up hoodie.

What is this a reference to?

You mean the “Laff-A-Lympics,” a title it took me 5 seconds to google to check the spelling?