Game On: Gunnar Gaming Glasses



Here’s a good game - let’s dig up as much info as we can from prior sales! Gunnars come around plenty so I’m sure there are reviews to be had, too. Who’s with me?


I’ve used a pair before and they really do help. They reduce eye strain and headaches. They let you stay on the computer a lot longer than normal. They also seem to make your depth perception better, at least in my experience, they did.


Here’s my opinion (if you care):

I have purchased two sets of these from Woot! over the past year. I have purchased both the “Weezer” style and the MW3 style. I am currently wearing the Attache Phenom, the set I was given at work.

The Phenom’s are phenomenal. They are perfectly fitted for my head. The lenses cover the majority of my peripheral vision and all of my direct vision. They frames are solid and take a decent amount of abuse. Yes I’ve sat on them. They also look pretty stylish, if I leave them on and wander the office building I usually will get a compliment or two. However they are $73 from Amazon.

I am very pleased with the MW3, for $40 I received in addition to the glasses both a soft fabric pocket and a hard case (albeit a kind of cheap case, but a hard case none the less). The frames are comfortable for about 3-4 hours (I don’t wear or need glasses/contacts). The frame is also quite rigid, like the Phenom. The lenses actually cover almost all, if not all of my peripheral vision. The only complaint you could say I have is that they are ugly. They just look goofy on my face. But I only use them when I’m up gaming late at night or on a hangover day, so I don’t really care.

The Weezer glasses look great, and function exactly the same as the other two. That however is where it ends for positives for the Weezers from me. They are thin flimsy frames, like the ones you expect from a pair of Wally World $5 sunglasses. They frame is not comfortable; I can stand about an hour, maybe two wearing them. The lenses also have very little coverage, and while motorcycle riding has acquainted me to obstructed peripheral vision, I find the frames and lens positions to be distracting. Overall, unless you like the flimsy frames, I would purchase something else.

As for my opinion on the general overall use of Gunnar Optik’s, I use them daily at work. If I have to write code or write some of those stupid safety reports, they are on my face. I love them for that. No longer do I get headaches or eye strain from staring into a screen for 8-10 hours only stopping to take a smoke break or potty break. However at home, I rarely find myself using them. If I’ve been drinking the night prior and I taking a lazy hangover day, they work great and I use them. But 9 times out of 10 I don’t use them to game with. As for it giving you an edge, well maybe that magnetic bracelet will work better for you…


Oh and to add to the yellow tint thing. I forget about it after about 10-15 minutes and everything seems/looks normal. However, this really hurts and hinders how you perceive colors on the screen. So when I’m adjusting the white balance on pictures I have taken, they become useless and a serious hindrance. Once again, this will not affect you otherwise. So if you are a coder, or a hardcore gamer (like 6 hour+ marathon gamer), or write a lot of papers/reports on a computer, buy a pair. They are worth $100 for that purpose, believe me your eyes will thank you.


Be warned that Gunnar’s are not optically neutral, they are “powered”. From their website:
Q: Does GUNNAR Technology Eyewear have optical power?

A: The patented i-AMP lens technology platform with fRACTYL lens geometry is specifically tuned for mid-range viewing distances.

What this means is that for some of us Gunnars = headache & eyestrain.


It’s a very mild .5 magnification. Just makes your screens look a teensy bit bigger, which is actually pretty cool. I’m wearing mine over my contacts right now (since I’m still in the middle of my work day) and I’ve never had problems with these glasses CAUSING headaches and eyestrain. Only that I’ve STOPPED having headaches and eyestrain wince wearing 'em.


I highly recommend the Gunnar Rockets. They feel a bit flimsy, but I think that’s just due to them being really, really light. They’re also very comfortable and look good.

I definitely do not recommend the JEMs (they aren’t actually part of the deal, I’m just sayin’). The temple tips (part that goes over your ear) are unpadded metal and the ends feel like they are stabbing you into the side of your head.


As someone who spends 8+ hours in front of a computer, I definitely have noticed a difference with my Gunnars. My eyes don’t fatigue nor do I get headaches from staring at my monitors. I definitely like the impact they’ve had, however, maybe it was just the model I bought. (I don’t remember what they’re called and don’t see them this time around) but the first week I had two screw caps fall off and get lost, and a third the second week. Their customer support was pretty non-existent. And the ear pieces dig in horribly to my ears. I’ve been using these for a few months now and the flimsy and uncomfortable ear pieces are really my only complaints.


Is the MLG the only big frame they have?


So I recently bought the Wezzer style glasses. I was skeptical and only bought them while they were on sales from Woot.

Here is my feed back:

Good - Light frames (or some would call flimsy) that after a few moments or in the heat of battle do not even feel like they are on your face. But since they are light frames, you have to be careful to not sit on them or use them the wrong way. The amber tint was something I was not feeling thinking that it would take away from teh colors I enjoy in the games I play. Shockingly, after a few minutes you do not realize the amber tint and still enjoy the colors. As for what it claims to do with the no dry eyes and straining eyes, it does work. You might not notice it at first, but you will once you get going on a long game session.

BAD - These lenses are like smudge magnets. I find that I’m having to clean these things consistantly! I will clean them, put them on my face and then 20 minutes later, I have smudges and do not even remember touching my face. So that is my biggest issue with them, my second slight issue, is that when you play in the dark. The light from your screen makes your eyes reflect against the amber lenses which can be distracting if you are playing.

All in all, I think these are good glasses, but I recommend getting some cleaning clothes to go with them and a carrying case. Which I wish I would have done!

Hope this helps some of you.


Nvm, found out the Halogen and Edge are the two biggest styles.


I bought a pair of the “Gem” which I don’t see listed this time around. Functionally they work great. I was very skeptical but for less than half a bill it was worth the experiment. The only downside is that they’re slightly uncomfortable. Sometimes I have to wear a headset for the phone; wearing both simultaneously is a pain. The all metal frame has some flex which is good but they aren’t built for comfort. I would have to assume the increase in price per style has an increase in comfort as well.


I have a dumb question… other than the $10 price tag, what is the difference between the Weezer and the Rocket? Anyone notice anything that I am missing?

(Nevermind. It is easier to see on Gunnars website. It would appear that the lenses are slightly larger on the Weezers)

I bought my first pair of Gunnars 2 WOOT sales ago. I was forced into the Weezers because I really wanted a pair, but all the cheaper syles (JEM) were already sold out. I am really happy it worked out that way, because last time they were on sale I did by a pair of JEMs. (more on that later)

My opinions are:

Weezer = Love them.
Lightweight (some call them flimsy but this is not a negative for me) I can wear them all day and hardly notice them.
I agree that they do sometimes get smudged up, but I usually only have to clean them once every couple days using the provided pouch. (I work from home and typically wear them 8-12 hours at a time)
Amber tint I only notice when I first put them on. After about 5 min, I don’t notice anymore. (This occasionally is a negative when I start doing photo editing and forget that I am wearing them. It does really throw the colors off.)
Overall, I am very happy to have them. I used to get eye strain so bad that it would make my eyes completely bloodshot. Haven’t had that once since I have been wearing them.

JEM = Hate them!
As I said before, I am glad these were sold out when I bought my first pair. Had these been my first pair ordered, it would have completely altered my opinion of Gunnars. I liked the Weezers so much that I wanted a second pair to leave at the office for the days that I do go in. Unfortunately, the frames on the JEMs are so uncomfortable, I can’t wear them for more than 30 minutes without it feeling like I have 2 ice picks stabbed above my ears! Other than that one issue, the glasses themselves are about the same to me. I need to either find some kind of padding, or dump them and buy a new pair.


Installing Flux is better in my opinion. You can adjust the settings to your liking and it’s hard to beat free. You don’t have the magnification which is a plus for some.


Most of these comments are gibberish to me. I do know I bought a pair to wear when on the computer all day in florescent lights, and they reduce eye strain.

As for looks, who cares? I’m a fat middle aged guy with a bald spot the size of a fried egg. I wear something fashionable to a party, it’s available at Goodwill the next day.

I do like them because I can take them off and clean them while I’m trying to come up with a good excuse for doing something stupid.

I would buy them again, and probably will when I lose the pair I have.


the last time these were on Woot, I grabbed the Weezers. My thoughts on the Weezers are that the frames SUCK. They are lightweight sure, but they are flimsy, easily bend, and in general don’t seem worth the money. However, the Gunnar Optiks tech in the lenses themselves makes the glasses useful. I tried wearing these while gaming at home, and found that it doesn’t really help anything. I found much more use of these at work. The yellow tint does make it easier to stare at a 27 inch iMac screen all day (no matter what the brightness level is).

I promised myself that I’d grab the MW3 frames next time they were on sale but sure enough they’re sold out already.

Summary: Gunnar Optiks are great for work purposes (desk work). The Weezers suck, don’t buy them.


I’m a console gamer and play on my 47" LCD. Anyone have any experience with them on a T.V.?
Always looking for an edge in BF3.


Has anyone used these with a headset? I have the Turtle Beech X32s and would not like to stop using them for the glasses.


I know this was covered in previous sales; but does Gunnar still support post-sale mail in Rx fitment (and have any estimate-ranges for pricing)