Game Over Man, Game Over. 4th Place.


For promotional purposes, Im having a drawing.
I am one of five designers in running for the DBH $10,000 contest.
It is the final round and votes have been RESET. I need your votes for the final round!

If you go VOTE and COMMENT, you will be put in a drawing for 3 original sketches on 11x14 paper. One person will get all three.

I know I’m not famous so it might not be worth anything to anyone, but you can write your grocery list on it, and it will be the most awesome grocery list ever. You can burn it if you want, all combined they represent many hours of my life. An excellent allegory of the meaninglessness of art and life it would be…

ANTE UP: I’ve up the Ante by adding another enticing offer… BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE PAYOUT IS BASED ON IF I WIN

To see full details, goto

Pretty simple.

  1. Vote
  2. Comment
  3. If I win, I choose 10 winners.
    The end.

potential cd cover for the Tossers. they wanted simple though, and i destroyed it with my typical not simpleness. i mean… why solicit me if you want simple???

I loved the zombies on the segways yesterday.

Thanks man! When I was doing it, I was channeling the Wooter Sensibility Collective Ethereal Brain aka WSCEB. There must be a better thingy…

Whats the word for a word that means something.

Like SCUBA. Its not anagram… ??? Frick!

Where the nerds at?

damn the nerdicans! never around when you need 'em.


-hey, jim, voted for your design yesterday, after they reset the votes. I guess I’ll go and write a comment. :^)

Sweet. Acronym.

Thanks for the vote and comment Josephus!

Hey, i voted AND commented BEFORE there was any possibility of bribe/reward! How many bonus points do I get for my sig pimping efforts?

actually I commented because jim seems to want comments, not because it might win me something. :^D

-though my daughter would love those drawings, and I think everyone wants the shirt.

Jimi! Miss you man! And props for the finalist entry! Couldn’t have happened to a better designer I know. I’d buy that skullcrow any day- it’s seriously wicked.


I commented because I was happy to see him in the top 5. :wink:

Love this shirt, although I still love 'til death more.

I voted yesterday…although I am rather upset that you felt the need to use that disgusting gross yucky icky awful D word that makes me shudder (in a bad way) and cringe in your artist’s comments. Come on now… was that really necessary?

it is a technical term about the way the ‘ink’ works on the shirt. kind of toxic, I guess, but makes a great print. see here

ha. I didnt say Frothy before it.

Thanks for the votes…

but… but you sure the vote was for the Final Round, cause they reset the votes yesterday…

man. im really tied up in this contest. i have a feeling the chances of winning are slim, but i prolly wont sleep much for the week.

HEY, did you see that I gave out free vectors?

Hey, Jimi can discharge on my chest any time he wants…


…er is right… :slight_smile:

I is bored at work today. That is my only excuse. :wink:

I am sure my vote was for finals- top five are left, right?

-the vectors are cool, and I downloaded them, but only one is useful for woot (bird), and no trees at all! ;^)
I doubt I’d ever use them for a shirt design myself, seriously, with them not being my work, but for fun stuff, they’re great.

erk. hey, I hope you don’t mind my stealing your signature image. I’ll remove it if you object.

hey guys, I think Im upping the Ante…

a band with 92000 myspace friends is going to post a bulletin for me.

ive asked them to say

i will offer $100 to 5 people who vote and comment on my design, CONTINGIENT on my winning.

hows that?

i think im actually willing to go as high as 20 people at $100, cause its better than nothing.

my blood pressure is up. i wont be able to sleep. clients need me to work, but i cant concentrate.


ive thought about posting the idea once the band agrees over at like fatwallet or slickdeals under freebies because they have a ton of traffic, but im not sure if it would fall within their rules of spam.

what do you think?

am i wrong to offer cash winnings if i win as well?

because now its about votes, and providing traffic, not about art.


Just so you know, you don’t need to bribe me… I love 99% of your stuff (this included). But I’ll take it :slight_smile: My comment is 9/8 under username “amakihi”… you can tell since I used my woot winning fish design icon :). I’d rather have a t than a $ though, like attilla says.

I’d have to say, bribing with artwork = awesomeness. bribing with money= bribing. the former is cool, the latter less so. just my humble opinion.