Game Room Fun

I kept thinking that the football table was some game I have never seen before but it’s just a table.

Looks like it’d be great for some paper football!

The “Game Room Fun” top photo shows the some guy returning a ball from the iPong.

It specifies that the iPong is battery operated, yet I see what appears to be a power adapter.

I understand if it doesn’t come with one, but will this unit accept a power adapter? If so, what voltage?

the iPong robot is $50 on Amazon with free shipping

so it costs more on woot!?

what you see is the wired remote that controls the speed/frequency that the robot feeds balls

No. If you view the large photo, you’ll see two cables coming out of the back of the iPong.

The top cable looks very much like a power supply cable…

The iPong is battery operated. No idea why the banner photo is showing two wires.

Seriously, how can you offer these withOUT offering an actual ping-pong table as well??

I agree, I saw the picture and thought “sweet, maybe get a decent ping pong table for $5 shipping”… but alas, just useless junk being offered as usual.

Worst woot sale I’ve seen in a while.

  1. iPong is cheaper on amazon and backed by Amazon’s super quick and easy return policy and next day shipping.

  2. The protective case cost more than the paddles are worth.

  3. All the games are regular price and pieces of crap.

Woot really is going down the drain.

Does the Sport-Squad HX40 40" Table Top Air Hockey come with an A/C adapter?

I do not see it listed as included in the box.

Thank you!

Good question, I see a cord in the video clip. I’ll post back as soon as I have an answer for you.

I’m sure picking up 50 ping pong balls that are all over the room every few minutes is tremendous fun! I don’t foresee that getting old any time soon…Stupidest device I’ve seen in a long time.

What do you expect to do instead? Fold the table in half and bounce it off the vertical side? Crazy talk.

Yes - that’s exactly what I’d do. Or spend five bucks on a piece of plywood and a 2x4…

I thought the same thing…if you s*ck SOOOO bad you can’t bounce it off a folded table you’ll be spending more time walking around on your hands and knees cursing than you will practicing.

[QUOTE=manhandsha, post:13, topic:388699]
Good question, I see a cord in the video clip. I’ll post back as soon as I have an answer for you.[/

Shall an answer be forthcoming in the near future?

No, you’re supposed to lob each of the 50 balls back into the top of the pong launcher. Anyone can do that… sheesh! :wink:

-Squad HX40 40" Table Top Air Hockey

Woot Customer Support… Maybe you will hear me now and provide the appropriate customer service/ support you used too & still should.

On 15-June-2013, I posted an inquiry; approximately 5 hrs later a Woot customer support member advised that they would look into it and get back with an answer.

3 days later I posted again and inquired on status of providing information requested.

7 hrs later no response. I sent communication through woot support application and was assigned a case #.

Would someone please:
• provide answer to my original inquiry posted 15-Jun-2013 with follow up post & subsequent email sent 18-June-2013
• confirm that moving forward I should expect to wait over 3 days and that I will need to send multiple communications to get an adequate and complete response?

In conclusiion and so that I can set my expectations appropriately… is this Woot’s new business model for providing customer service & support?

Note: this irate Wooter is really really upset! I recommend you do something about it or remove your slogan re: Support - ‘Where we turn irate wooters into ‘I love Woot’-ers’.

Please advise if I should also post here about a used product that I received from Woot which was advertised as new. Woot has yet to acknowledge their ownership for shipping such merchandise and Woot has not offered to ensure immediate replacement at no cost. Instead, I have sent multiple communications through the Woot ‘Support’ site with no resolution & I have had to debate with & educate Woot’s customer service rep as to why $5 shipping charge would be included with any refund.

Woot…providing a refund is appropriate when something is damaged and/ or customer does not want the product. Providing a refund when a product is advertised as new but the customer receives a used item missing several parts is sheepish.

Buyer beware!!!