Game Room Tables

I know the table is photoshopped into that room, but really? Like anyone would put a pool table at the most awkward angle in a narrow room?

Slate top pool tables or composite?

Never mind, says durabond bed! I didn’t read carefully enough. I’ll pass!

Pass on this one guys. For that kind of money there are better deals on your local Craigslist. A used slate table is better than these new.

Yeah, no slate = no deal. I’m not sure why people buy these things.

Ah, the ‘fun’ of craigslist. Having to schlep it out of someone else’s basement! It’s bad enough trying to coordinate with just the buyer, but with something like this you’ll also need at least three friends to help move it. Pool tables with real slate beds weight a metric-eff-ton, nearly as bad as pianos.

Still, I’d much rather have a pool table with a slate bed. Not unless you accept that it’ll never really get used and end up just being a table in the basement with junk collecting on it…

Come on now, what about on holidays!?!

Perfect for gift wrapping!