GAME Towable Tuff Duck, Mossy Oak

GAME Towable Tuff Duck, Mossy Oak

Is this the duck that programmers use when they debug the server?

Towable up to what speed?

surprised it doesn’t have a Duck Dynasty logo on it.

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As fast as the boat can go!!!
(safely rideable, now that’s a different story.)

There’s a problem viewing the last picture when you click on it using the app. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to buy this based on the amount of sheer joy the guy in the last picture had on his face but I wasn’t able to. No sale!

that is the face of someone relieving themself.

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It’s showing on mine but there is an issue in the app when there are a lot of photos. Not sure this one qualifies.

The man or the duck?


What will happen when this duck sells out…

  • It’ll rollover to the next sale just fine!
  • It’ll be a BOC and sell out before I even see it. FML
  • It’ll be that dang extension cord again
  • It’ll freeze for a good 5 minutes

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crazy nicolas cage GIF

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There’s lot of things we can do in 5 minutes.

  1. Make instant pudding.
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If you know what the first BOC scratch and sniff was, you’ll know what comes next.

Someone must have grabbed the doxie. Giant inflatable duck and fetch toy, both which ran smoothly? That’s no coincidence

someone bought it to put us out of our misery.

It logged me out when I tried to vote :joy:



I didn’t think William was online today.