GAME Tuff Duck Premium Inflatable

GAME Tuff Duck Premium Inflatable


Get this for your pool!

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I know what I wrote.

If the duck was by him, that wouldn’t help me when I come to your house for a pasta party.


I put the pool away yesterday. I don’t have the time to enjoy it. Besides I’ve still got the unicorn.

$50 is stupid.

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I would have given the inflatable convertible had you asked.


I’m going back to sleep. This was all a dream anyway.

Goodnight/good morning.

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Just remember If this gets caught in the current or rip tide it will be hard to spot in rivers with woods but easier at the beach.

If you want to be heroically rescued :scream:keep that in mind little kids can have issues even in lakes. :face_with_monocle::flushed:
Lecture over

As a life-long Oregon Duck fan, there are plenty of other uses for these “pool toys.” This was my car last January when the Ducks beat Wisconsin in the Rosebowl.


Just got an email saying this was $4999, missing the decimal…I was really curious what made an inflatable duck worth so much!

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We’re very proud of this duck.

Also, oops.

The laser eyes definitely drove up the cost!download