Gamer's Love

More like Nintendo love :smiley:

would probably buy if it weren’t for the dumbass tattoo design

It may hit all the right Nintendo nostalgia notes, but I just am not into tattoo-esque shirts. If I want a tattoo, I will commit to one and not wuss out on a shirt that looks like one. Sorry.

I see Tetris, Mario, and Zelda. Oh my loves, how I’ve been neglecting you. Stupid growing up grad school real life responsibilities.

I hate to be that guy, but the plus-shaped directional pad is copyrighted and defended very strictly by Nintendo. Even though the Nintendo logo is not on the controller, it’s still obviously their D-Pad. I have nothing against the design, as I’m a big Nintendo fan, but as such, I know how many ants they’ll get in their pants about it. Then again, if Woot has already cleared it by their legal department, it may not matter.

Considering how overly complex and busy the design is, they could have found room for more than just Mario and Zelda icons (and a couple Tetris blocks).

I’m going to assume that most youngish video game players don’t know many old games beyond those few, so any additional references would be lost. That being said, I agree with you.

Please please please please STOP with the gray shirts already

I want to buy but, the tattoo design is well tattooey and stops me from purchasing it.

I wish my wife would get all the references in that write-up so I could steal it and give it to her as a nerdy love poem.

Instead, she’d be like “Is that video game stuff?” Alas…

Indeed. For those who haven’t been paying attention the colors of the shirts listed on the blog from newest to oldest are

gray, gray, gray, black, gray, blue, gray, gray, gray, green, gray, gray. If you count black as one of the fifty shades of gray, that’s 10:2

This looks like something that an off market Hot Topic would sell. Sorry, but I’m passing on it.

Geez… Next you’ll tell me they’re going to do a Smurfs movie, and all of my childhood memories will be destroyed by poor attempts at contemporizing. Oh yeah, they did destroy the Smurf legacy… And now this?!? An Ed Hardy does Nintendo shirt? Just as long as they don’t ruin Star Wars…

Shh! Don’t give them any ideas!

They should put that write-up on a shirt. I would consider buying that…

It’s very generic in a proprietary sort of way. //scratches head

I really like all the gray shirts. I normally only buy the gray and black ones.

I would buy this one, but the words don’t quite seem logical. “Gamer’s Love” Um? games…

Thanks for the comments.

I really really like the design, but not so much on the gray shirt. It really wipes it out for me. I would love to have this as a print, tho.