Gamer's Love

This is parody and is considered fair use. If this were an issue than 98% of the shirts on Woot would be violating copyright law because of all the video game, tv, and movie references. Just do a Google search for “nes controller shirt” and you will find countless shirts for sale with the dpad on it.

Also, some of you guys are being a bit rough on this design. The tattoo design is part of the humor! People get tattoos representing serious things like a deceased family member or a religious symbol. It’s a play on how serious people take gaming. Personally, I think Biticol did a killer job!

I am a fan of this design! I love gritty/whimsical crossovers like this.

But my dear Woot: If you do so many Nintendo parodies, Y U no do Sega? Sonic needs lovin’ as much as Mario! :wink:

I recently lost about 80 pounds. Once I reach my goal weight, I am going to be getting a series of gamer tattoos. This shirt might be a necessity…

I’d love to buy this for my husband but I refuse to buy another gray shirt. Come on, let’s get some colors!

Old school Nintendo, what’s not to love?!
Remember too many nights working through Mario, getting to new levels, what the heck?, dying, getting back up there again, dying again, repeat, darn you Nintendo!! Who needs sleep? Finding the codes, the secret paths back to the new levels … ahhh, youth.
Today’s kids have no idea!

I’d like to second this, it’s like most people don’t even realize there are retro games that aren’t Nintendo. I’d love a shirt that had some more generalized references instead of just Ninty stuff.

I’m not holding my breath for a TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine themed shirt, but a little Sega love would be appreciated by me as well :slight_smile:

Just noticed today that the picture link for shirt.woot (e.g. bottom of this page or side of any other woot site) has a black t-shirt in a white circle icon as seen in the side sale. Does this mean woot might sell something that isn’t a t-shirt on the main page?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your kind message.

And, By the Way, if you want to see more of my work and support it, visit my facebook page:

[Autopromo time Off]

I purchased the 7/2 Back In My Day tshirt and have worn and washed it twice. I was really sad to discover that the collar is coming detached from the shirt! I’ve purchased dozens of woot shirts and never encountered a quality issue like this before. It may just be a fluke, but has anyone else encountered this?

Hi there!
You should contact about this!



Send pictures to, and look for the Quality control thread here.

DRAT IT! Hipster Ninja’d by the cat AGAIN!

If I were making suggestions on improving the design, I’d have said to change Gamer’s Love to Gamer’s Life, and to have replaced the heart with a 3/4 full heart container.

Love it. I just started Woot and bought a couple of shirts yesterday. If I had known this one was going to show up today I would have bought 3 instead of just the one. Great art style (not sure why there are so many haters toward the tattoo look?) and great choice to use Nintendo (because lets be honest: retro Nintendo games are better than any other).

Thank you!

congrats Biticol! A great designer and an awesome design!!!

Thank you buddy!

i love how this sounds like, “i just started a 12-step program.”
which, incidentally, you’ll need to stop Woot."

welcome and i love you.

Nice design but not for me.

this is my 3rd woot shirt. I’m loving the shirts that have been coming out lately.