Gamers Unite!! Sign This Petition For Llandar!

Dear Wooters,

Llandar, one of the beloved…well…respected…um…anyway, one of the Woot staffers would like to review video games. Personally, I think if this were a recurring blog, it would be a hit. See how many responses this one here received:

For this, he would need a decent video capture device, and some of the best out there are HD PVRs. To get one, he would need a budget of around $200. Maybe $250 to include gaming snacks, like Pocky sticks and Cheetos (or whatever Woot! writers eat).

Anyway, I think this would be a wonderful investment for Woot! to make because gaming reviews tend to garner a lot of attention. Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 will be coming out relatively soon, and the earlier he puts in a review, the more likely he will get views. That doesn’t mean he is limited to popular FPS games, that was just an example. He could do anything from Portal 2 to old school Mario Brothers 2.

If you think Woot! should get Llandar an HD PVR (and maybe some cheetos) and would like to see a gaming review blog, please post here.

If we’re petitioning Woot for things, I’m still waiting to see more poop jokes.

But yeah, sure, game reviews…

It’s an admirable scam for sure! what’s really needed to make it work, though, is for woot to add some value- like the opinion of a long-term woot customer, such as myself, or better yet, my 13 yr old son, who spends up to 14 hours per day gaming. yeah, that works! The equipment needed would probably only double or triple the cost, to do it right, but you’d have not only a pro’s review, you’d have llandar’s as well!

I was thinking Wooters could vote on the next game to be reviewed…but your idea intrigues me as well. Plus you would need a woman’s opinion too, right? And I just happen to be one…

dtristano- Maybe he can slip out a poop joke every 2 blogs. See what I did there? That was for you.

I will totally work in some poop jokes. For you guys.

why can’t you just use fraps or something like that?

See? He’s a man of the people.

Come on, let’s keep this thread moving! Here’s a little video to watch while we wait…

The world is saved!

Is that for PC only?

Yea, but no one in their right mind would try to play games on an xbox or ps3 anyways. anything they can do a pc can do better.

Ah, yes. But a true gamer plays across all platforms and doesn’t limit themselves to just one. I will play on my phone, a computer, a console, a tablet, and love sticking a $5 into the crane games in the mall. Speaking of which, I actually profited by about $700 by winning and selling Angry Birds (over a period of a month or two). I have a picture of myself surrounded by about 60 of them. Good times, my friend. Good times.

Perhaps I should have titled this differently to get more attention…like “Free Beer!” Or perhaps I need a new plan of attack. I want more video game reviews, darnit. >_<

Perhaps I will try hypnosis. You are getting sleepy. You want Llandar to have an HD PVR. You want more video game reviews. You WILL post here. You will buy me some Cherry Garcia Ice Cream.

I fell asleep.

Dude…where’s my ice cream?

I really think you should have whatever you need/want. I cannot discuss because I don’t play games - only bridge on the computer.

When I used to work at the arcade there were kids that would get so many of those stupid stuffed prizes that they’re parents wouldn’t let them take more than they could carry out of the building, so they’d wander around handing out stuffed animals in the little kid zone. I also dated a guy who would come in there and play ticket games and then donate bears and whatnot to Toys for Tots and similar.

I’d love to review more games, I don’t mind seeing reviews… but all my tech is too last gen to even try it now. My laptop won’t even play Minecraft since last fall thanks to the video effects giving up. (for the console discussion you can reference the Wii play games, and the broken PS3 threads)

I used to have a bag of random stuffed toys. I think I ended up giving them to the local Goodwill or something. I think I should start collecting again to donate to something like Toys for Tots. That’s wonderful. :slight_smile:

Ah, dang. You need something to game on. I prefer the Xbox. I even hear they are going to “subsidize” like a cell phone. Basically you pay $99 for a console, kinect and membership and have a 2 year contract…but I would hate having to sign another contract :s

Haha! Very nice. And cute. I want that kitty!

On another note…I saw they put up an HD DVR…SO close…but I don’t think this one does video games. For a second I thought Woot! actually gave in :s

Oh, the bitter irony.

Yeah, my sister got the kinect for Christmas and my kids loved it. It looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, with the jobs, kids, and life game time has really gotten cut down since the pre-kids days. Still, that’ll change.

mmm cherry garcia