Gamers Unite!! Sign This Petition For Llandar!

I hear ya. All my friends with kids don’t play much anymore either. I have all kinds of selfish time because it’s just my boyfriend and I. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself…

Just my two cents, but it seems like everyone and their cousin is reviewing console games these days, but it’s nearly impossible to find a regular review of PC games. You should ask yourself, do I want to write for an under-served audience, or just be another voice in the chorus?

That was directed at Llandar but as a self-appointed PR person for him and gaming fanatic…er, I mean advocate, I will say he could do any platform that Woot! fans wanted him to. I enjoy playing all video games and would love to see Llandar review anything from Half-Life 2 (PC) to Halo 4 to Robot Unicorn Attack. As I said, I would even settle for a review on claw cranes at the mall. Anyway, there are free programs to record on the PC, but an HD PVR would be necessary to do good reviews on console games. That’s why I would like Llandar to get one.

And speaking of Robot Unicorn attack, none of you shall ever top my score.

I think I have some SD video game recorder thing I could send you. There really isn’t any need for a HD one.

And you could review a claw game with a regular video recorder.

True. I have a few videos of my claw crane wins, as I planned to maybe upload them. Then something else captured my interest and I forgot about it. Probably Lolcats or the sneezing panda video.

That is nice of you to offer. I wonder if he would actually take it? I would love to see reviews even if not in HD, but was hoping to see Woot! give in :D. I am assuming Woot! has deep pockets. Especially since they just recently scored $30 from me because I absolutely had to have their Woot! pan. That means they are a fifth of the way there. Then again, maybe not. I suck at math.