Games Workshop Blood Angels

Games Workshop Blood Angels

@RebelTaz - yo.

Hey… Thank you! Nothing else to do these days… might as well paint! :smiley:

No prob. If it was Eldar our Tau I may jump on it… but Blood Angels aren’t my thing.

I’m a Dark Angels and Adepta guy, but this price is pretty hard to argue with.

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You saw the Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter right?

Ah, no?! Damn it… my search parameters failed me.

Well it still is for sale as of the time of this comment!

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Just curious… do you have a script set up to alert you for certain keywords, or do you just do a search every once in a while?

Allegedly, “my friend” would have the former.

lol… well, if “your friend” ever wants to share his/her secret, just let me know :wink: