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PC World Review:

The GPU is decent. Unfortunately, it won’t be strong enough to run Arkham Knight, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, or The Witcher 3.

The cheapest one that I could find in new condition is on amazon for $449.99.

Performance is somewhere slightly above the GTX860M, which you can see evaluated at . It will play, but not well.

I see. My comments about the GPU was based off of Game Debate’s info. The CPU not be adequate for the games that I mentioned and the minimum RAM requirements are 6 GB.

Where is Witcher III, for example.

4GB will likely not be enough but it’s easy to upgrade the RAM in these devices. I’ve seen videos posted of people using the i3 model with upgraded RAM and playing the Witcher 3 at 1080p. I have an i5 model and it’s a surprisingly capable machine. The hard drive sucks though, I’m going to eventually replace it with an SSD.

I bought the i7/8GB configuration back in the day and most games I’ve tried played at 1080p (mainly Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands TPS) without much issue. For a box that is that small an quiet, it is pretty impressive. The upgrade to SSD is both easy and necessary, though. Migrating from the default hard disk to a 1TB Samsung 850 EVO vastly improved load and boot times; it used to take roughly 90 seconds to boot to the launcher menu, but now takes only 10.

Be aware with the HP Omen laptops that it says the USB Ethernet adapter is included, but it is not. And calling HP customer service is an exercise in futility. I was on the phone for 45 minutes, and the woman on the other end kept telling me to call my ISP to get it boggle.

I asked to be escalated to a supervisor. After pointing out on their website the exact computer I bought from Woot/Amazon, and under the specs tab where it says, “What’s in the box” USB Ethernet adapter, I finally got him to see that it was supposed to be included. He said he’ll call me back to see if he can get me the part without the serial number (I’m at work and don’t have the computer near me). I hope he does call me back. This is a $40 piece that is supposed to be included according to the Woot listing. $40 isn’t chump change, especially after spending over a grand on the laptop itself.

Let’s hope this comes to a resolution… that of them sending me the missing adapter with no more hassle.

FYI, I contacted Woot first and they told me to contact HP… who tried to send me right back to Woot/Amazon.

On the HP ENVY Phoenix 810-330QE Desktop - got this one the last time it Wooted at the beginning of May. Found I had the dreaded audio not working issue after the machine went to sleep the first time. After it woke I found the regular analog speaker ports disabled with only the digital input S/PDIF port working. Tried all the on-line fixes I could find with no result and was ready to order a digital to analog converter and toslink cable from Amazon when I tried the following:

  1. Shut off desktop and remove power cord from the back of the desktop leaving speakers and monitor on.
  2. Wait 10 minutes, plug back in and reboot. Speakers should be working.
  3. Go into settings and set it so the system never sleeps. Also go into sound settings and disable the S/PDIF port leaving the regular analog port as your default output.

This seems to have worked as I have had to restart several times after reloading software with no issues with the sound.