Gaming Desktops & Laptops

Really? You couldn’t extend this sale until the end of the month when most people get paid? I don’t know who plans the timing for these sales, but they clearly don’t think about pay schedules.

Would buy another XPS 27-2720T i7-4770S 8GB RAM QHD 2TB GT-750 for $999. Heck I buy another 2 or 3.

but… they’re . . . $1429?

is this still a good deal? I’m on the fence vs building my own desktop…

Bought the Alienware 18 for $1599.00 upgraded to 32GB RAM Crucial (balistic) bought from Amazon $332.00 and got an upgrade to Windows 7 Pro from a friend; to handle the requirements for the RAM.
Now it is great. Couple of things; getting to the RAM #1 & #2 slots requre you to take the whole keypad out and requires some time #3 & #4 are easy. Now I have a Win PRo Alienware with a 4710 processor 2x2GB RAM for under 2K.