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I bought this (snakebyte idroid bluetooth game controller) the other day from Woot and it’s…alright. It’s GREAT for emulators since all the buttons are mappable, but native android games just don’t work, even the ones on Snakebyte’s compatibility list.


  • Real solid feel. It’s like the PS1 mated with the PS4 controllers, but sturdier.

  • Relatively responsive (for bluetooth)

  • Multiple modes give you access to keyboard emulation, joystick emulation, or pure gamepad mode.


  • You must go into your bluetooth settings and un-pair the device, then search for new devices and re-add it EVERY TIME you want to pair it, even if you’re sticking to the same mode as the last time you paired it.

  • Even if you do the steps above, it only pairs about 1/3 of the time and you have to restart the process.

  • The controller just flat out doesn’t work with android games, even the ones specifically called out by the manufacturer as being compatible.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a very solid emulator controller and nothing more. If you want to play NES games wirelessly on your tablet and have $12 laying around, get it. If you want to play new android games, look elsewhere.

Anyone used the Klipsch headset on Xbox One? What’s required in order to connect it up?

It looks just like a third-party PS3 controller. Anyone know if it will work with a PS3?

ManiacDan, do you have a PS3 you can test it out on???

Amazon seems to have the Klipsch headset new for cheaper:
KG-200 on Amazon

Is this not the same headset?

I kind of wish you guys were selling an Elgato or similar device to record game footage on to my computer. I’ve been considering doing a gaming blog with captured footage, but can’t seem to find a good deal on one.

I got the screens but no backpack, anyone else didnt get the backpack?

Hi there. The backpack is shipping separately.