Gamma Rays

A design inside a design…perfect.

Cool effect.

Gamma rays… I play with them every day.

Be still my beating heart! They are selling it as a tank. :omg:

All this science and its just plain cute!

Are they selling purple capri pants anywere?

Gamma rays turn regular men into big green monsters, everyone knows that. Less well known is that they turn regular pants into very stretchy purple pants.

The sad thing is Bruce Banner can’t wear this shirt. More than once anyway.

Green & purple… Complimentary secondary colors on the color wheel. Add distressing to the mix and you have a winner. As far as super hero tees go, this is quite possibly the prettiest one out there. Great job!

Woot, what did we talk about when it came to making me angry? You forgot the “L” in my username. This is my full woot catalog:

Also, thanks for the kind words so far, and thanks for the print, woot.

Had to resist the urge to smash things when I saw this. It’s a natural impulse when seeing something done so effectively that I didn’t think of first.

Nice bone scan

Now THIS will stop people from kicking sand in my face.

Why is the tank more expensive than the tee? Does it come with extra rage enhancers?

I mean, it does for me, but really…

Not one I performed, I wasn’t about to seek patient permission at 1am. :slight_smile: But yes, nice clean imaging.

For those not in the know, the radioisotopes used in Nuclear Medicine emit gamma rays. Once injected (or ingested in some studies) the patient is temporarily radioactive and is subsequently imaged by a gamma camera.

At some point when explaining the process, the term ‘gamma rays’ comes up and typically leads to a discussion of the subject of today’s shirt…

Sorry. I have too many black t-shirts already.

I forgive you.

Last T-shirts I bought on Woot were a bit tight but pre-shrunk. Are these pre-shrunk?

you gotta wear this tight