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In for one! Oh, wait… guess not. Thanks, Illinois!

Suppose I’ll just get the woot shirt…

Let’s check out the product page for the Silent Cat and Hornet

The description for the Bone Collector mentions “bull whisper”. This is NOT the Bull Whisper model.

I was excited to see 3 choices this time.

Unfortunately none of the choices are .22

I’ll pass

I picked up the Whisper Silent last time it was up here. I thought I was buying Silent Whispers - The George Michael gift set at the time.
Imagine my surprise with a bad ass bellet gun capable of piercing a 3/4" piece of plywood.
There’s a George Michael/hole/pierceing joke there somewhere but I just can’t put my finger on it.

I have owned the Whisper Silent Cat for about a year and a half. Great air rifle. Using the scope that comes with it and Gamo Rocket pellets I can shoot a 2" grouping at about 40 yards.

I originally bought it because I had a ground hog problem. I have taken out several full grown adult ground hogs with single body shots at 20-40 yards. Something I’d been told was unlikely even with a rim-fire .22.

Ammo selection is important with these. Light ammo will get you the advertised 1200fps but accuracy suffers. Heavier ammo, like the Gamo Rocket, flies slower and has better penetration when it reaches the target.

  • Hmm. If you can’t take out a ground hog with a 22 at 50+ yards (or MUCH more), you must be throwing them 22s instead of firing them.

Actually this **IS **the Bull Whisper model: Bull Whisper.

This model has Inert Gas Technology (IGT) and the standard Bone Collector does not.

Well, either Woot’s description or their picture is off. The description matches the Bull Whisper description you linked to above, but the picture matches the standard Bone Collector.

The image of the Bull Whisper in the link you provided shows a fluted barrel with a suppressor that runs the entire length of the barrel from the end of the forestock. Woot’s image shows the standard Bone Collector with a non-fluted suppressor that appears to be about 4" in length.

Woot, I think you either need to update the product images or the product description on this rifle.

It’s also very worth mentioning that the Bull Whisper does not have iron sights – it is scope only.

Is “inert gas technology” Gamo’s marketing phrase for NP or Nitro Piston?

Yeah, same thing. Both are nitrogen filled gas pistons. A much better choice than those harsh springs IMO.

I own the Gamo Whisper cat and live in Michigan. oddly, you can go to a store and buy one just can’t have it shipped.

At any rate the Whisper cat is not bad for plinking. holds about a 2 - 3 inch group fairly consistent. Takes about 1000 shots to break it in to hold consistent groups.

However, it wasn’t until I bought a Benjamin Marauder that I realized how poor those groups really are. The Marauder is a tack driver. Spring or Piston rifles not so much.

You’ll shoot your eye out kid!

My apologies as the images for the Bone Collector Bull Whisper are incorrect. The product description is correct and we are selling the Bone Collector Bull Whisper.

Well that sucks. I waited because I didn’t want to take a gamble and end up with the spring version. Now they are sold out. :confused:

Don’t worry. As recent history has shown, there will be plenty more opportunities. They probably have a whole warehouse full of them. You might even get it cheaper.