GAMO Air Rifles

Unless I’m wrong none of these models seem to have the inert gas pistons. That would mean, given the same ammo and same projectile speed, that these would be louder, right?

I want something accurate and quiet so I can safely plink in my back yard without disturbing my neighbors (suburb, but surprisingly long back yard). But at the same time, I want something powerful, like these, for the few times I can take it somewhere and do longer-range shooting.

I got a break barrel 1250 fps a few months ago, as I thought my 20 gauge shotgun out my 2nd story window was “a bit loud” for my squirrel shooting in my city suburb. I have to say, the break barrel is not much quieter than my 20 gauge, IMO. I also have to say my single shot 20 is a lot easier to load than the break barrel (maybe I’m just a woos). I was expecting that I could get a gas cartridge pellet gun, but a friend told me to go with this. It does the job for sure, and it surely bears no resemblance to my '60’s BB gun.

I found they are not kidding when they say these are NOT toys. Yeah, BB gun fights were fun as kids (with eye protection of course), but, no way we would have been fighting with these suckers. I’m guessing you can purchase a silencer for certain models, but, I believe that then you would sacrifice performance.

I have the showstoppper. I bought it last year on woot. It has a loud snap that echoes. Even louder is the hammering sound when it hits the back stop. Thing blasts clean holes right through pine boards. If you have neighbors anywhere near your “range” this is not what you want to be using. It is deadly and long range. Accurate out for a few dozen yards but it will definitely travel for 1000 ft or more.

It is excellent. I highly recommend it but it is not a “suburbs” gun.

The crosman “nitro” series stuff is quieter in the shot but makes the same hammer noise when hitting something solid. I also own one of these as well.

I’d say get something with low FPS like below 600 so it won’t travel as far or shoot right through whatever is your target.

There are a bunch of things that impact the noise level of these.

Gas pistons are noticeably quieter than traditional springs, so you’re correct there. Then air rifles can be suppressed similarly to a normal firearm, but without the legal complications as long as it’s non-removable. (Or at least, that’s how the legality has been explained to me.)

There are a variety of off-the-shelf models with some degree of noise suppression, mostly gas pistons (because they’re already quieter) and PCP (because they’re freaking awesome).

Then the thing that everybody always forgets: that pesky speed of sound. No matter how quiet the components of the weapon, if the ammunition exceeds the speed of sound when it’s fired you will end up with a sharp crack. For that reason one of the interesting paradoxes in air rifles is that you’re likely to find a .22 is much quieter than a similarly powerful .177. The heavier ammo, even with more power behind it, is unlikely to exceed the speed of sound and so, in conjunction with a quiet piston and/or integral noise reduction it can be very quiet. Some of the gas piston .22’s are so quiet that you actually hear the impact of the pellet more than firing.

I bought the top of the line one of these at academy and I have been disappointed in the accuracy. I have re sighted the thing twice and its still only accurate 3-8" radius @ 20’.

I have tried different ammo, maybe the scope is junk… but for $150 you think it would come with a decent scope. Im not trying to be a sniper here just want to hit a darn squirrel thats 20’ away eating my outside furniture.

By .22 I assume you mean a .22 cal air rifle, not a .22 cal rimfire cartridge, correct? .22 cal rimfire definitely exceeds the speed of sound unless you specifically buy subsonic ammunition.
Interestingly that pesky speed of sound can have an impact on accuracy as well. When the projectile drops below the speed of sound the transition can destabilize it and cause it to tumble in the air. Accuracy goes down at that point.

A scope AND a laser for all the tacticoolness you need… against op-for squirrels.