Gamo C-15 Bone Collector .177 Air Pistol

Keep in mind that with a blowback feature that you will get fewer shots per co2 Canister but I think the “real feel” is worth the loss of extra co2

This thing is GREAT! I’ve had another air pistol for a few years now for plinking, but decided to pick this one up in the recent Woot sale. Initial thoughts were that it was quite heavy, but it actually feels quite good, handles well and maintains a decent grouping. The blow-back isn’t anything dramatic, but it’s definitely there and adds to the effect.

Two major pros (besides the blow-back and heft) are:

  1. Clip holds 16 pellets. This is awesome! Up to this time I had a clip for BBs, but was stuck with single-load pellets. Now I can load up the clip, get 8 shots, flip it around and get another 8. Now my question is… where do I get a another clip!
  2. The accessory rail is great for a hand-held. Now I can mount a light and laser combo to take any doubt out of night missions. :wink:

BOTTOM LINE: Great purchase and would do it again!

There is a bug: it says the item cannot be shipped to 94539, but 94539 isn’t one of the restricted zip codes