Gamo G-FORCE .177 Tactical Air Rifle



I’m mostly pro gun, and even I think these are a great way to get yourself shot for looking like you’re carrying a real weapon. No thank you. Maybe it’s my crazy survival instinct talking, but I like my air rifles to look as non-menacing as possible.


Same here…this and the mp-9 model they’re selling are just asking for trouble.


Under shipping restrictions Michigan is listed as a state that cannot be shipped to. I believe this was due to the previously broad definition of firearms in Michigan law. The definition was updated recently and as of 07/01/2015 Michigan law no longer considers BB, pellet, paint ball or “air-soft” guns firearms. No one actually enforced the law anyways.

Can someone update the shipping restrictions?


on clearance at big online seller for 91.70, no reviews. with standard shipping 103.29.

no reviews on amazon either.


Can .177cal (4.5mm) “BB” ammo be used in the .177cal pellet rifles?